Being Born a Girl is Being Born Afraid.

I found that one of the greatest flaw in society has been how it treats women. In more detail women are raised knowing that we must protect ourselves from everyone. The monsters for us aren’t creatures under our bed but people outside our doors.

“Don’t go anywhere alone after dark, take your brother.”

“Don’t ride the bus alone.”

“Don’t wear that.”

“Men will say weird things to you in downtown, keep walking.”

Personally I think this makes some women in society much more closed off. I find that I can’t do a lot of the things I wish I could do that my brothers does because it could compromise my safety. This really has to do with society rather than my parents because I see myself saying the same thing to my daughter.Thus, my gender has shaped the way I act in society greatly.

This was probably the most uncomfortable dress I have ever worn, but it was pretty and so I wore it anyways.

I also think that personally being a women in society has put this pressure on me and has caused me to think a lot more about how I look or what I say or do. There is always an image for societies perfect girl and everyone is expected to try to be close to it. From uncomfortable clothes, to dresses, to having a barbie doll every since I was little, more thought was put into what I was wearing or how I acted than there was on the more important stuff.

I was always limited to the ‘like a girl’ statement, especially when I became a part of sports teams. Everything I did was accordance to the fact I was a girl and it was usually said as an insult.

Therefore, my gender does have an impact on society and my own behaviour.

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