Gang gang.

My group of friends is large and we are close, attending many events together and sticking together since grade 6.

I have to admit that I do have a huge barrier in changing relationships. My group of friends have been the same since grade 6, despite the theory that all you friends change in high school and the ones you make in it are the ones you keep forever. These friends have become closer to me through a long period of time and have always been my “go to people”

How has this effected me in a sociology point of view?

I believe this has made me more closed off to people. I created this trust with what I consider a large group of people overtime and because they have always been my closest friends it is hard to see anyone else as more than an acquaintance. It is hard for me to trust people easily since my close friends are a large group; I always feel like I do not need anymore.

It also makes it hard to make other friends since I am constantly with them. They are all friends and so ditching them for someone else would feel wrong. Especially if they do not know the other party like I do or are friends with them.

Thus having a very close group of friends is something I am very thankful for since we all enjoy spending time together and trust each other however it can cause a lack of social change for me.

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