Robbers Cave Experiment

The most significant moments of my school life would have to be the clubs and teams I joined throughout. I have met new and became closer with fellow students through having mutual goals and being interested in the same things. The closest friends I have are made through these teams whether that being Me to We, basketball, MSA, yearbook etc.

Working towards achieving one goal brings people together. In many cases these were the people who brought the best out of me because we started as a team and ended as friends. Therefore, we motivate each other and want to see each other succeed.

MCI MSA TEAM AT MIST NATIONALS- Through competing against other teams we became much closer.

The bonds created through these teams are different because you need to work together in order to achieve what you want to. You must rise together and fall. You put all your effort into this shared goal that in the end, you win and lose together. Sharing all of these losses and success together can create a connection with people you can’t create anywhere else.

Divided we fall, united we stand

Robbers Cave Experiment

The robbers cave experiment explains to an extent how this bond was formed . Preparing for the year with this team was our group bonding. Together we were able to compete with other schools and work as a team even if we had problems with agreeing with each other throughout the years. To add on, we won and lost together and it made the bond we formed stronger. When the clubs I was in held competitions for prizes or status, the teams began to divide again. During this period we did have intergroup conflict and had troubles but when these competitions put us against other people instead of each other we were able to be a team again.

In addition, we are easily able to get along with teams from other schools or I am able to be friends with people from these groups because we are somewhat in a competition together. We are both trying to accomplish the same thing (ex: peace) because we are like the two groups in the experiment who joined together to gain something they both mutually wanted and did not have to fight each other to get it. Thus with the intergroup conflict we also inter-relate.

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