Self Worth.

Loving yourself will make you surround yourself with positive people who appreciate you as much as you appreciate them.

One of the greatest things I have struggled with is not being able to see that I need to respect and give to myself before I can to others. I always thought this was a selfish act but as I realised that not knowing my self worth allowed others to abuse me I finally gave myself the importance that I deserve. It took a lot for me to be able to see that I deserved more since often the thoughts were followed with thoughts of me believing I was egotistical and arrogant. However, that was not the case. I let people take advantage of me and waste my time and effort as well as treat my badly.

Allowing people to abuse me made it easy for betrayal and sadness to follow many of the relationships I had since not knowing what I deserved made it easy for people to take advantage of me, and I let them. I made excuses for others which in the end made me believe that I was being dramatic or paranoid when things that made me upset happened. I began to blame myself for everything and it it in the end caused me to believe I was never good enough for anything and I would never be able to succeed. It created an atmosphere for self loath and made me not be able to stand up to people when I was being treated badly.

As I began to learn that I was important as well and I should take care of myself rather than allowing people to make me inferior to them all the time, my relationships changed. I was able to break myself from constantly being in a negative environment and showing people from the beginning that I wont allow them to take advantage of me. From this I was able to form better relationships and not constantly be in situations that made me feel worthless or upset.

We love people and give to people the way we want to be loved and we want to be given, deserving or not. Often this leads to giving more of ourselves then we can offer.

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