Straight to the Source.

There could be thousands of reasons as to why and how I became the person I am today. From the environment I grew up in, the people I associate with or the activities I participate in. Just like a fire can’t be extinguish without going straight to the origin, you can’t truly get to know a person without doing the same thing. You must find out how it all started.

I believe that culture is the first thing you learn because its the first gift your parents give to you. You are thrown into a world full of different people, customs, beliefs, traditions etc and given your own, thus culture is what you will learn about in the first few years of your life.

Having immigrant parents from Pakistan and being born and raised in Canada as a Muslim girl has had a great impact on who I am today. It is the foundations of my values and morals, my beliefs and self identity. The greatest perk of coming from two very different cultures is that I believe it has made me much more open minded. I am more accepting of different ideas and changes than I think I would be if I had the mentality of just one. I am able to pick and choose from the cultures based on what I think is right or wrong whereas my family back home, who would have a more difficult time letting go of the wrong because it is what they have only known.

However, having these two cultures can have its downfalls. There has always been some culture clash. In detail, I am the second child to be born in Canada from my family. This has caused me to always feel different because I was always “white washed” compared to my family while to an average Canadian I was always the Pakistani girl. It became difficult to balance the two as I would always have to self identify as one at one time. For example, in Canada I am a Pakistani girl while in Pakistan I am a Canadian. However as I embraced the culture my parents had to offer instead of following the one I learnt at school on a day-to-day basis, I began to admire it a lot more. My family had always reminded me of where I originally cam from as we would always eat the traditional food and dressed up in the traditional clothes. I had to put in more effort to learn about my parents culture since I saw more of the western but I was able to mix the two together. Granted, the two do clash sometimes but it taught me to decide on my own what I find wrong and what I find right.

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Some of my family members
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