Hello everyone, after a long break! As you will remember, I had already written an article about the free faucets on EOS. If you want to learn more about Faucet, you can just check out that article. 
This time I want to write the best FAUCETs on EOS in my opinion. Because Crypto market is growing very fast and now there are more attempts to offer FREE EOS among EOS DApps.

What I observe is the evolution of the Faucet pages to the DApps on EOS ecosystem. The evolution of Faucet pages into DApss is definitely good as I see that more people agree with me on the importance of Faucets to attract more Crypto holders to take part in EOS ecosystem and also on the necessity of Faucet to attract more people in Crypto space.

Now, let me dig into the topic and talk about DApps that offer FREE EOS Faucet and also some extra coins. I guess everyone would like the idea of earning some passive income. I will talk about three DApps which offers FREE tokens to be claimed from their web-pages : Coinbox, ENBank and PRA Candy Box.


Coinbox is a newly launched platform but I am familiar with it from Trust Dice. It is my favorite and you will understand the reason when I talk about its features:

  • Coinbox offers FREE EOS different from other Dapps.You can go and claim your FREE EOS each and every 6 hours from their web-page. It would be enough to go and claim your tokens with your EOS account. That is one reason for being my favorite. Beside offering some extra EOS based tokens, it also offers EOS and you can choose to directly claim your EOS from their page.
  • There are also some other EOS based tokes in the web-page which are TXT, TPT, MEET ONE, and TRYBE. The team also announced that it will start to distribute BTC in the platform soon. That is quite exciting news. That can change the rules of the game in EOS DApps ecosystem.
  • It has a very nice user interface and very easy to claim tokens.
  • You can use the web-page in four languages which are English, Chinese, Russian and Korean. I mention that because you will understand me when you try to use the following Dapps with only one language option.

PRA Candy Box

If you are a frequent visitor of DappRadar, you will realize that PRA Candy Box is one of the top listed DApps there. Actually it is a DApp that offer faucet to its player. Here are its features:

  • It is an EOS token distribution DApp that offers various EOS tokens in the platform.
  • It has some specific rules and if you want to collect more EOS tokens, you should stake more EPRA tokens. Still you can collect some EOS tokens even if you do not stake EPRA tokens. In this case, you can claim some EOS tokens
  • It does not offer Free EOS but some EOS tokens (26 tokens). Any EOS account can claim free tokens every 4 hours. Some of the offered tokens are pictured below:
  • One thing that you should keep in mind, the amount of each token offered in platform is limited, so you should try to visit the page earlier to have more token options.
  • The tokens in general are called candy, so you should choose the candy that you want to collect.


ENBank is another top listed Dapp in DAppRadar and if you visit its page, you will find out that it is also faucet distributing DApp within EOS ecosystem. Here are some of its features:

  • First, do not feel surprised to see a web page in Chinese. I know it is a bit challenging to deal with language barriers but I will briefly explain you the features of the page.
  • Similar to PRA Candy Box, they call the tokens as candies, so you can collect some faucets as candies from the web-page.
  • It offers tokens including ENB, XMC,BEAN, PIXEOS and some other in total 12 ones.
  • Similar to Coinbox, you can claim your tokens each and every 6 hours, however differently it does not offer FREE EOS.
  • Another thing that should be mentioned is the limited amount of tokens offered per day. It is similar to PRA Candy Box, you should have an early visit not to miss the opportunity of claiming the token that you want to have.

These are the last DApps that I explored to accrue additional earnings in EOS ecosystem. I will strongly suggest you to go and visit these pages to amass your earnings and be more familiar with tokens in EOS ecosystem, especially Coinbox. I will try to keep the readers updated when they offer BTC faucets in their page, but still I will suggest you to go and enjoy your EOS earnings from the platform.

Lastly, I will keep repeating myself but it is necessary for other DApps to offer Faucet to support EOS ecosystem. Please leave me your comments if there is any other DApps you think which should be mentioned in this article.