List of Crash Games on EOS

I know that the number of Dapp users have been increasing recently and EOS is the main platform that host the gambling dapp players. Actually it wouldn’t be wrong to say that EOS owes its transaction volume to the presence of high number of gambling dapps that become commonly known within the ecosystem. 
 There are many kind of gambling dapps have been already released and reached significant number of volumes. I can say that dice games are quite popular and most of the gambling dapps have dice games on their platform. In other words, there is no lack of dice games in ecosystem. But I think that more games will create more excitement among players which will help the development of EOS ecosystem. Personally, I like the crash games which feel more fun to me. I went through the list of dapps and created my list of fun Crash Game in EOS. I would strongly recommend to you to have fun and to release your stress but the key that I will remind is not to bet the amount of money that will make you unhappy in case you loose:) 
 What is a Crash Game ?
 It is an online multiplayer blockchain guessing game that made as an increasing curve that may crash at any time. Each round of the game you have the opportunity to place a bet before the round starts. At any moment, you can click “Cash out” to lock in the current multiplier which awards you with your multiplied bet. The longer you stay in the game before cashing out, the higher the multiplier gets.
 Let’s go through the list of EOS dapps that I really enjoy playing. I will say that there are three platforms they come with well designed and exciting crash game in EOS , which are Crash by Trust Dice, EOS Crash Game and Crash by EOS Bet.
Crash by Trust Dice

It has not been long time that I have been playing Trust Dice. Actually this platform attracted my attention when I saw its listed as one of the top dapps with its return on investment. After visiting their platform, I started to play their games and following few days they released their crash game. I was more excited to stay in their platform and I still play their crash game. Although it has been short time experience for me, I loved its feature that let the players overcome the hassle of CPU. If you deposit some amount of EOS before you start the game, you don’t face the problem of CPU during the game. Some other features can be listed as follow:

  • Process of the game is fully transparent;
  • You can bet between 0.1- 1 EOS.
  • Every user can see other users choices in the round (also the Crash history);
  • User Interface is awesome, very clear design and intuitive buttons layout;
  • It doesn’t have delay while cashing out;
  • No Charge of CPU, players don’t have to spend their EOS to stake it in the system; as I mentioned in the beginning.
  • Possibility to Auto Cash Out is a safety feature to set a maximum multiplier (for those situations when you have no time to cash out in time);
  • The team is planning to launch a mining system similar to their dice game, that will make the game more attractive to players for sure. Hope the team comes with this soon.

EOS Crash

EOS crash is the first multiplier game and it is also one of the games that I enjoy playing. I was mostly in EOS Crash but after release of new games, I would also prefer to experience other games that are also doing well in their platform. Here are some features of EOS Crash.

  • The amount of wager can be between 0.1 and 5 EOS
  • Similar to the feature in Trust Dice, you can see the choice of other players in EOS Crash too.
  • I will say the only thing that I couldn’t like in EOS crash is its UI. I makes me feel a bit complicated and still hard for me to used to it although it is the first crash game that I started to play very early.
  • You can play the game both manually and automatically.


I also played Crash by EOS bet but I don’t know why I cannot feel the atmosphere of the other games in this game. Still it is one nice crash game. Maybe again it is about UI, because I know I am kind of person who has high expectations of UI. To talk more about the features of the game, the game still not exciting as much as other ones as you cannot see the choice of other players. It helps a lot if I can see others playing and follow their strategies. But on EOSBet, you can only see yourself and feel lonely.:( Here are some features of the game:

  • There is both auto and manual option
  • You can bet between 0.1–1.10 EOS
  • It has a relatively simple UI compared to EOS Crash.
  • They have dividend system.

To summarize my article, I want to say that again I really like the crash games more than other dice games. It feels more exciting and fun for me. It worths to experience the seconds that you wait for the moment curve crashes.

These are the dapps that I could play so far, but I will keep updating the information in this article. Please let me know if there is any other games that you suggest and think perform well on EOS ecosystem.