Meet the Brand: TIA’M

You know 0.8L loves to bring you the latest in beauty and skincare products, but what do you know about the brands who make those products? We were curious ourselves to learn more on top of what we already know, so we’re reaching out to our favorite brands.

Originally known as O.S.T C20, the Korean brand whose Vitamin C serum was an instant hit, TIA’M recently rebranded with a name that reflects the beauty their products reveal. TIA’M is a Persian word that translates to “a twinkle in your eye when you see someone for the first time” and if you haven’t already tried their products, that twinkle is exactly what you’ll experience.

TIA’M focuses on skin concerns first and foremost, packaging solutions as products that make skincare as interesting as it is effective. Their end goal is to make your skin healthier, more luminous, and overall better. So it makes perfect sense that their one of their most popular products are a Vitamin C serum that revitalizes skin and creates a stunning, brighter tone on your face. This serum also got rebranded during their switch, although the ingredients and formula remained the same! So the beloved Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum is now called My Signature C Source. New name, same great product.

Another hit product is their Sebum Drying Black Bubble Pack, a pack that tickles your face as the charcoal powder helps deep-clean pores. It also contains egg albumin which forms a protective barrier that tightens up your pores after they’ve been cleaned out. Say so long to blackheads and hello to a taut, luminous complexion!

TIA’M Bubble Packs

If you want to add a little bubble and dazzle into your daily life, TIA’M is available on your favorite K-beauty sites, like Wishtrend, Jolse, KoreaDepart, and more. It’s easy to introduce these twinkle-inducing products into your beauty regimen!

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