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The Rockets are trash. Harden is a fraud. Enjoy Curry, KD, and the Warriors championship dynasty. 2 championships in 3 years with more to come. Curry is 1 of only 9 players in NBA history to win multiple championships and win multiple MVPs.

Chris Paul has never gotten to the conference finals in his 12 year career, and he chokes in the playoffs every year just like Harden.

2012: Harden choked in the Finals when he played for OKC while Durant averaged 32/6 on 55/40/84 splits, and Westbrook averaged 27/7/7. Harden was nowhere to be seen.

2013: Harden choked in the first round against a team missing Westbrook.

2014: Harden choked in the first round losing the first two at home to the Blazers.

2015: Harden choked again. Harden got benched in a elimination game in the previous round and needed Josh Smith/Corey Brewer/Dwight to save him. Then in the next round against the Warriors, the Rockets lost by 35 at home in game 3 and Harden was terrible. Harden broke the record for most turnovers in a playoff game ever in game 5, and the Rockets were eliminated.

2016: Harden choked against a team missing Curry (back to back league MVP).

2017: Harden choked against a team missing Kawhi and Parker. Harden lost by 39 points at home in game 6 to a Spurs team missing Kawhi and Parker and got eliminated. Harden got outplayed in game 6 by a man who paid $150 to try out for the Spurs d-league team.

Since 2013, Harden has gotten to play against teams missing Curry, Kawhi, Westbrook, and Parker in the playoffs. Harden has lost 3 series since 2013 while having a sizable injury advantage. Simply put, James Harden is a perennial postseason choker.

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