Introducing PIX: A Solution to a Neglected Problem

Smart phone is handy and its camera performance is improved significantly. Smartphones have become an integral part of our day-to-day interactions. And with major advancements in smartphone technology, camera performance has improved incredibly.

I have a four-year old son who is constantly running around causing mischief, and the fact that I can pull a high-definition, almost DSLR-quality camera out of my pocket and capture moments is amazing to me. In fact, the best part of capturing priceless moments on camera is when I get to share them with family and friends. I love sharing my best moments with others, and because this has become so important in my daily life, I never stop taking photos until I catch the perfect shots.

Now let’s visit that moment when you go into your gallery to look for photos you want to share. If your photo-taking behavior is anything like mine, you will notice a pattern in your photo gallery. Quite often you will see groups of very similar, repeated photos in your photo gallery. This makes sense; if you’re standing in front of the Grand Canyon and counting on a stranger to take a photo of you, are you really going to let him take just one?

All of these groups of nearly identical photos can often leave you puzzled, thinking: Which photo do I share? Is one blurrier than the other? Should I delete some to save memory, or will I regret deleting them? And in a lot of cases, you just leave them there.

Ironically, in the process of sharing your pleasant moment, you end up going through a couple of unpleasant steps back and forth to make sure you are choosing the right one for sharing (say, maybe the very one where your eye aligned just perfectly with the glare of the sun and created a sparkle in your eye — yeah, that one) while deciding whether to delete some repeats due to limited storage space on your device. Unfortunately, smartphone users encounter this problem fairly often. It’s annoying, it’s cumbersome, it’s simply unnecessary.

Sure, memory may be cheap, and some phones have expandable storage, and we have the cloud, and blah blah.

But to me, my photos and videos capture my memories and hold a lot of meaning. Personally, I see my photo gallery as the most valuable asset stored on my device, whether it is my phone or tablet. Unlike music libraries, apps, or contacts, my photos are irreplaceable. Without proper management of my gallery, I end up spending a lot of time scrolling through photos and swiping left and right, rather than simply being able to enjoy my best moments.

Some colleagues and I did some research on existing photo gallery applications. What we did not find was a beautiful, intuitive app sophisticated enough to organize photos intelligently and integrate sharing capabilities through major social networking platforms, yet simple enough that it wasn’t a hassle to use.

So we built an app, and it’s called PIX.

A simple, intuitive app that manages your photo gallery with ease.

It detects similar or repeat photos and automatically clusters them into groups. The result is a refined gallery showing only the “best” photos as determined by PIX (via basic image quality metrics) or by you, while the rest of the photos are stored on our servers for you to instantly access without consuming memory on your device.

What’s great about PIX is that it doesn’t require configuring or customization — unless you so choose. Just open up the app and let it handle the rest. PIX will provide a more pleasant, refined viewing experience for your newly envisioned photo gallery, while providing the power to filter photos and share across your favorite social networking media. Think of it as your personal photo gallery assistant. When you don’t have the spare time, just rely on PIX’s sophisticated algorithms and analytics to shape up your photo collection, and at any time you can jump in to customize photo groupings and understand detailed information about duplicate photos in your gallery and memory savings.

Give it a try. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

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