Photo credit: Kirsty Hatton

On The Road- Travelling Away From Discrimination

On the 2nd April, a traditional gypsy caravan was pulled up on the A450 Worcester road, Hartlebury, Worcestershire. The land, that is council property, was used to set up the caravan and act as a temporary home for several horses. Local citizens, who wanted their identity disclosed, commented “I think the caravan shouldn’t be allowed because if it was anyone else, they wouldn’t be allowed there, and they would be moved on within a day of being there”, whilst another local commented, “I think that gypsies shouldn’t be discriminated against, I understand that this is their way of life and should be entitled to live how they want to. “However, the main road isn’t really appropriate due to it being a busy place and as it is a public place know that it is likely they are going to get backlash from this”.

On The Road, Kirsty Hatton, YouTube

Chair of the Commission for Race Equality, Sir Trevor Phillips, commented that the gypsy, traveller and Roma community is “the last respectable form of racism”, in response to the Equal Rights Trust’s ‘Educational Equality for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children and Young People in the UK’ that “there seems to be little or no social stigma attached to expressing such racist attitudes”.

‘Our Voice’, a video series by Huckleberry Films, explores the misconceptions and stigma attached to the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community.

Our Voice, Huckleberry Films, Youtube

With this in mind, societies need to need to adapt the educational system so Roma and travelling communities do not feel isolated from society, whilst also teaching generations that discrimination towards these communities is a form a racism and negative social behaviour.