Is someone who asks you out a sexual predator?
Roger Heygate-Browne

As the #MeToo campaign grows, I take pause at the shear volume of women that have come forward. Incredulous. And, as a white/American born/(with most every other privilege affordable)/male person.. I feel a growing responsibility to engage in some sort of active support. What, in your opinion, are the best ways that I can participate? (Beyond.. my long held belief that women should have their turn at running this world. Look at the job that men have done so far. Rather pitiful).

Footnote: Twenty years ago, when I married my wife — I suggested: in every decision, moving forward, she has 51% of the vote and I would have remaining 49% — due to the gender inequities of the world. She took it. Seemed fair to me.

Deborah, you have made an excellent contribution to this issue. Thanks.

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