A good day

What’s up ?! So what happened today ?!

Ok let me tell you my lovely readers 🙆🏻

I used to start my day after Fajer prayer, I really love sunrise time 💗 it’s so gorgeous as it’s quite calm. I spent it doing stuff that I love 😍👌🏼 while I’m busy with something I love suddenly at 4:25 am I received emails 📨 well who sent emails in this early morning 🤔 OMG these emails were from IST Editorial Team. Last week I submitted a journal 📓 to them. Ok let me read their emails. Lol they rejected 🙅🏻 my journal 💔 oh what a great start for my day. Let me back to sleep 😴 maybe I will forget their rejection 🙊

After hours I wake up and I forgot 💪🏼 Good Morning again 😊 then my doctor contacted me and told me: Mariam definitely you are feeling down now.

Me: No I felt down just for minutes.

My doctor: It’s normal to get rejection. Even we as doctors and professors we got rejection sometimes. Now our next step: we have to submit it to another magazine.

Ok after this story I got encouragement from their rejection 💪🏼 now I feel I wanna try my best to get acceptance from them. Keep on trying Hero 💛