On the way

In life sometimes you been in a situation that is not your choice! But what ever life give you, you have to accept it and try to live with it as good as you can.

Recently, I have been working on my thesis, and it’s not my choice I don’t care about this academic degree. It’s simply my fate, so I accepted it and I’m trying to enjoy with it. And yes it was a great experiment. I have started working in my thesis on June 2016, and on March 2017 I got the result. Our new approach worked perfectly without errors but it was very slow when I compared it with the old approaches, so we can’t publish our work!

Well, I don’t feel bad while I feel strong. Yeah, I feel strong and happy because I learned a lot while I was implementing it, even though it’s slow I’m happy that I’m now not like what I was a year ago. A year ago I didn’t know anything about fastq, vncserver, aws, … and a lot of things. These days all these things are my friends and I love them.

At the end, I know that good things are on their way!

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