How about I don’t make this a “Case-study” and just tell you a story instead…

A little over a month ago, I and some of my favourite star-studded designers (Mudia Imasuen, Simeon Fadahunsi, Charles Njoku, & Gift-with-the-cowboy-mustache) started Rated-R, a youtube podcast/talkshow where creatives can speak freely and share their thoughts & ideas raw and without censor. On our first episode, we took aim at WhoGoHost’s website & their user dashboard and….well, we didn’t have a lot of nice things to say.

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After the excitement of the first episode had died down, I took another look at the website again, going over what we had discussed. Like all people with a creative streak, I’d already started looking into ways to making the design look better, which of course is a common mistake among us designers. …


Leslie Williams

I design because I’m in love. Creative Director at | Curator at | Tutor at PlayBookTV (

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