Stop Trying To Be Realistic
Darius Foroux

Great piece. Here letters are put together to create meaningful sentences….powerful…

This seems to be the routine. You first realize you’re not happy at the current stage in life, you know you want more. Then, if you’re one of the people who take action, you start doing more. You’re scare shitless. People to look at me, to pay me for this, to speak to me, yeah right. You go right pass your insecurities and decide to believe in yourself, just to see what happens. One thing you do know is that, you’re not going back to your old life. From here, only hard work and dedication will decide if you move to the next step or if you don’t move at all. People doubting you throughout the whole process.

This is my point in time.

For the record, I speak not entirely from experience, even though this is the journey i’m taking, but from the books and stories i’ve heard about people rising above mediocrity to go from eating food from the garbage to having more money than most of us will see in our entire lifetime.

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