Is there a safe place to breastfeed? Baby doesn’t care about that!

Here’s a topic I never thought I would write about, “Breastfeeding”. The baby starts crying, you know what that means, it’s time to feed the baby. Nowadays there are many ways to discretely feed your baby. For the record, I’m not an expert on this topic, I’m just expressing my ideas and questioning the safety of breastfeeding in public. I’m also not choosing any sides in regards to breastfeeding or not breastfeeding in public. Due to the nature aspect of breastfeeding, Is without a doubt, *even though many women can’t agree with this, the best way to connect with your baby from birth.

The connection is irreplaceable. But, this connection gets interrupted when the worries of breastfeeding in public arise. This is the topic I stand by, “Safety Through Self-Awareness”. This is a very confusing and a terrifying reality to live in. I believe it has always been this way: A constant struggle for survival. Regardless of how sophisticated we may be, when it comes to breastfeeding in public, any woman is at risk. Many have their routine and it works: understanding the needs of their baby, choosing the best method to breastfeed their baby and alternating from breast milk to formula when outside for discretion. Other women believe in simply covering their breast outside with a blanket to breastfeed. Nothing is wrong with that. Nevertheless, I believe the safety of breastfeeding in public is more important.

“ I’m a first time father and the topic of breastfeeding is of great importance”. The concern for safety is the real foundation of this article. It seems we’re always at risk and danger is just steps away. This danger added to the belief of some that breastfeeding shouldn’t be conducted in public, keeps this topic controversial. While the idea of opening safe places for women to breastfeed seems innovative, the concern is for the women that choose to take their freedom by breastfeeding in public. I think this is left for the individual to think about. You must choose.

Personally, I don’t think is safe to breastfeed in public. The danger will always be there and that is understood. When I speak of danger, I’m referring to other people causing harm or taking action against breastfeeding in public putting your safety at risk: Harm, as in a person attacking someone, regardless of when, to satisfy their own sexual desires. Which can come about when seeing a woman with her breast out, even though most do use a blanket. This Is one of nature’s way to activate the male reproduction system: By arousing the male with the naked female body. This, I believe, serves for the males to increase their success in passing down their genetic material. I also believe, males, regardless of species, have something inside governed by nature to behave aggressively towards the opposite gender simply, for reproduction to occur and consequently giving the male the greatest chance towards genetic variation. I also believe that, nowadays, this force governed by nature can be self-controlled and actually used in a more respectful and beautiful way for nature to take its course, but not causing any harm.

Believe it or not, danger is real and people hurt other people. So, while you are thinking of simply breastfeeding your beautiful baby boy/girl, someone else out there at that exact time is causing harm to another woman who also is simply feeding her baby. To try to prevent a situation like that, we must think and make better decisions in terms of how, where and when we do things. Applying safety through self-awareness is the key. Breastfeeding is very important, but doesn’t have to cost your life. Is a constant battle to do what we want to do and not cause harm to others. It’s another battle to do what we want to do and prevent others from causing us harm. I believe in being aware at all times. Watching what others do and where they do it, is vital to give yourself the best chance to survive. Next time your baby starts crying for breast milk, keep safety in mind and make sure you’re safe before proceeding to feed your baby. In applying safety through self-awareness, Is the little things that matter.

*Sentence From Above Explained:

The fact is, throughout the world there are many questionable events taking place. For example, women get their breast cut off by militants in some places in the world. Here then the topic of breastfeeding jumps right out the window, specially if young without any children of their own. We must take into account many perspectives before completely covering a topic, which is almost impossible with so many different point of views. The reality of one person is not the reality of the next person.

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