Trophy Club: A Red Wine Club Like No Other

James Clarke

Online wine company Just Wines recently launched its exclusive white and red wine club, the Trophy Club. A membership of the club provides its special members a wine delivery service once every 2 months. Why take a membership if you can order wine anyway, when you wish to? The ‘reasons’ include access to offers & discounts limited to club members, free shipping, personalised service, and a lot more! Let us discuss these benefits after going through the choice of plans offered under this exclusive wine club.

  1. Prestige/ $199: Just Wines lives up to its reputation of being the best red wine club in Australia. This plan offers 6 bottles of top red wines. These wines are carefully-selected by our experts, based upon reviews by renowned wine critics, audience/ buyer ratings, and their own judgement. Red wines go with the tastiest dishes you have ever eaten — filet mignon (Steak) with creamy pepper sauce, rosemary and garlic roast lamb/ roast vegetables (for vegetarians), braised beef short ribs, and even takeaway pepperoni pizza! Entertain your boss, date or close friends with the elegant wines in this pack, and you will be known for your fine taste!
  2. Executive/ $149: Thinking that your requirement is more than 6 wine bottles in 2 months? This plan offers double the number (12 bottles) in the same time period. These boutique wines are offered to you at an unbelievable price of $149 — this comes out to be even less than $12.50! Also, if you are a white wine enthusiast, as opposed to being a red wine aficionado, you can opt for a white wine plan. If you have members in your family who like reds, while you like whites, you can also choose a mixed plan. Impressed yet? There’s more! A key feature of this plan is that the online wine store will not repeat any wine, i.e. once a wine is sent to you, it would not be sent again to you for at least a period of 1 year. This is because the Australian eCommerce wine business wants its customers to try as many different wines as possible, discovering new favourites.
  3. Entertainers/ $119: If $149 is over your budget, don’t worry! Just Wines’ has something for every pocket! This option offers the same number of bottles, i.e. 12 in 2 months, for a much lesser amount! These are premium wines, and the price comes out to be less than $10 for a bottle! Like the Executive wine plan, this one too comes with red, white and mixed options.
  4. Varietal/ $99: This one is for the fussy drinker. Do you only like substantial and flavoursome Cab Sauv? Or is sweeter Moscato your thing? Trophy Club provides all kinds of plans, so that you find one that matches your requirements. For those who are not comfortable with the idea of having another wine, this plan offers a dozen bottles of their choice of varietal(s) — Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato, Shiraz & Cab Sauv, and Shiraz & Sauvignon Blanc. Anyone fond of blended red wines like Cabernet Merlot or Cabernet Shiraz can opt for the ‘red blend’ option.

Now, for the 2 top benefits of this exceptional membership:

  1. Personalised Service: The brand’s customer service team will get in touch with you before every delivery, to ensure that the delivery date, time and anything else is as per your requirement.
  2. No Joining Fee: Most of them all, there are no membership charges whatsoever! So if you were expecting this red wine club to have a hefty membership fee, since other wine clubs do, feel relieved!

We can go on and on, but we highly recommend that you go through the official website for even more details and waste no time in signing up for a membership!

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James Clarke

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Hello, I’m James. I’m a writer & wine lover living in Wetherill Park, Australia. I am a fan of travel, food, and wine. You can visit

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