Tiko 3D Printer Burnt Up $2.7M but Funders Shoulda Known Better
3D Printing Media Network

2 Points…

First, and I quote: “ Just to be clear, we have never covered the Tiko 3D printer crowd-funding campaign on 3D Printing Media Network. We try to be extremely selective on the crowd-funded projects we cover. We are not perfect and have made some bad calls.” End quote.

You have written 3 articles about 3D Printing (art least this is what I can find here on Medium)… You admit to a 4th article that you yourself described as a “fail”. But what is even a BIGGER fail, is your attempt to make yourself appear as if you were some big authority on 3D printing. So get over yourself… You don’t even have your own website, and instead, are trolling here and there acting all holier than thou…

Second, and again, I quote: “ The funders themselves should have known better — that’s what happens when something is too good to be true.” End quote.

You’ve also attempted to put on this act of you being knowledgeable of Kickstarter and its history of successes and failures of 3D printing projects. But fact is, if you knew very little about Kickstarter, you would have known that the proper term to use to describe those who back ongoing projects are called “bakers” not “funders”.

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