Hi Tasha, I know how good hearted you are..but
Maggy Read

What motivates you to be so hateful and judgmental? Is it the only way you can feel that you belong? Is it the only way you can feel patriotic, caring and kind? Because in retrospect, the only image I see is of one lonely human being, one who is fearful of his own shadow, perhaps… So much so the you would write off an entire religion, and more than half the world’s population as being evil, barbaric, and cruel. Sadly for you, you will never come to recognize the true meaning and the message behind Islam, the Koran or what they are intended to teach us. But don’t take it from me, instead, here is the opinion of an agnostic Jew, who has read the Koran, and not only has made a speaches about her findings, but has written several books about Islam, the prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and the message that unfortunately, appears to have eluded you completely!


Lesley Hazleton: On reading the Koran

Lesley Hazleton: The doubt essential to faith

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