Don’t lose hope padawan, the force is strong in you.

You train constantly, master new skills, learn various bits of information on the star systems and planets, young enthusiasts, trying to make your way through this life as a force wielder.

The goal is to strive and train to be a Jedi knight and build up to be a Jedi master, and fight for a just cause, so they say. Staying true to yourself and the force, being connected to everything and everyone, through practice though, know oneself and prosper.

Yes, we are only carbon based beings, who give in to temptation, tempted by the dark side, tempted by the lure that is ultimate power, an easy way, a cheat of sorts but don’t falter young one. Remain on the path of righteousness and prevail with the true and ultimate power, only achieved by good intent

May the force be with you, always
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