Discriptive Observation of the Boston Univeristy Beach

Boston University Beach

In the Boston University beach area, north from Highway 90, the Charles River calmly sits on the side of the campus square.

A group of tourist stand in front of a big red rock, carefully listening to a BU tour guide in a red shirt and hat, talking about the story behind the artsy rock. As if agreeing to what the tour guide says, the red hot rock hanging way up in the sky nods, and its warmth flushes out and spreads the area like a steam pot.

The old grey European campus buildings stand around the square, the flag of the United States, with the conspicuous colors of red and blue fluttering in the breeze, creates two whole different worlds. Being over-exaggerated by the dull colors of grey, white, and black of the campus buildings, the walking BU-red shirts fill the air with hotness and enthusiasm for the beginning of the summer.

Not far from the big road which is near the Charles River, a man, dressed in a brown shirt sits in the driver seat of a mall red wagon. His hands grabbing the wheel, his eyes catching an empty stare at the asphalt and the shiny river. Soon after, the passenger door is opened, followed by the laughter of a tall man with a bulging stomach, and the clink of coins on the hot asphalt parking area. Minutes pass, the door is shut again, but the laughter continues to linger in the air, mingling with the chatting , laughing, and hard-breathing sounds of students and visitors, hovering above the colorful wildflowers.

The warm sunshine shimmering on the lake, and the glassy surface of the Charles River, which looks like countless diamonds dancing, is ruffled by the breeze. The smell of the fresh air, wet grass play on everyone’s cheek, and through the evergreens swaying in the breeze, everyone is enjoying the tendency of the early summer in this lull before the onset of the busy fall term.

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