A Quick Demo of Apache Beam with Docker

Emanuele Cesena
Jun 22, 2016 · 3 min read

Deploy Flink & Beam with Docker

git clone https://github.com/ecesena/docker-beam-flink.git
cd docker-beam-flink
docker-compose up -d
docker-compose scale taskmanager=2
docker psCONTAINER ID IMAGE      ... NAMES
3d59d952d152 beam-flink ... dockerbeamflink_taskmanager_2
4cce6219be80 beam-flink ... dockerbeamflink_taskmanager_1
3b7b6b32b4de beam-flink ... dockerbeamflink_jobmanager_1

Run HelloWo — ehm, WordCount

open http://$(docker-machine ip default):48080
docker exec -it dockerbeamflink_taskmanager_1 /bin/bashcat /tmp/output.txt*
live: 13
long: 15
look: 14
lord: 90
lose: 6

Build a Beam Pipeline

git clone https://github.com/ecesena/beam-starter
cd beam-starter
mvn clean package

Emanuele Cesena

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Security eng at Pinterest, co-founder at SoloKeys

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