What Is The Intention of Abell World ?

Dear Survivors, how long have you been following Abell World? Do you know clearly about Abell project? Here, you can find more about Abell World.

Firstly, Abell team would like to build a decentralized platform for games, on which all of users,developers and platform side can make profits. In the early stage, the casual game listed on Abell Platform is treated as a beginning and a try. In the near future, the team will make game middleware, so that developers can easily list their products on Abell platform by submitting. Even without a recharge system for games, all sides can still have profits.

Secondly, the team would like to make our own blockchain games and NFTs. Simple 2D games in the early stage are mainly to build the economic system for the entire platform and the metaverse. In the later stage, the team will gradually develop 3D, ARVR games and so on. As well as the real metaverse and virtual world which are hot now.

Therefore, Abell World is a global project. Instead of depending on the current currency system, its thematic architecture is supported by blockchain technology, and is unlimited by geographical and national boundaries. And the project will eventually achieve DAO. The DAO will be opened in Q2, 2022. And the team plans to make all smart contract permissions into 9 muti-sig. Three of which will be managed by the Abell team, three by the community, and three by other long-term crypto practitioners (we have already contacted some well-known long-term crypto practitioners). In the future, all of the smart contract changes, permission changes, and capital flow will be voted by DAO and ultimately executed by the multi-sig holders. This will ensure a long-term operation of the Abell project.

For more detailed concepts, we will announce successively. Please stay tuned with us.

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Rebuild world in AbellWorld!

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Rebuild world in AbellWorld!

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