👋Dear survivors👋:

Welcome to this week’s Abell World Update! This week, we have developed a new causal game. 😃

Wanted to know the plans for the next week?🤩

🔍Have a browse below👇

🎯Completed This Week

📣 Have developed the new causal game

💻 Plans of Next Week

✨ Develop monster…



🤣Challenge Abell Games, Earn Big Rewards

🥰Hey bro! Come to play Abell Games to win rewards!

😍Abell will draw 100 lucky guys to reward capsule fragments!

👻What do you need to do?

  1. Play games!
  2. Share a screenshot of your highest points!
  3. Leave the wallet address!

👀Once you win, will send the NFT fragments to your wallet.

😁First come, first win!

  1. Abell Jump: https://abell.world/#/jump

Gain 20 points or higher.

2. Rebuild World: https://abell.world/#/rebuildWorld

Explore 10 lands or more.

3. Slacking: https://abell.world/#/slacking

Gain 150 points or higher

Choose any game above, make the screenshot and @0xAbellWorld, then you will get an NFT fragment!

📍Note: One account corresponds to one wallet address, and can only participate once.

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Dear Survivors,

The team will make system maintenance for Abell World from 01:30 to 07:00 UTC. During maintenance, players cannot visit the Abell website and play games normally. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Update Content:

Abell Jump: Adjust the data of resurrection. The original consumed 10/50/100 ABCs will change to 10/20/30ABCs.

Slacking: Add resurrection function. Resurrection will consume 10/20/30 ABCs.

The weekly ranking of Abell Jump & Slacking will adjust to daily ranking.

Sorry for any inconvenience. And so appreciate your kind support and understanding.