The only avatar you need

Collider Craftworks is a 3D Avatar project in its base. The collection consists of full body 3D avatars built on a level completely different than anything else in the NFT space. The quality of the models is superb and attention to detail unmatched. All of the assets go through the same process as those in AAA games and the team has a ton of experience in the field. They are diligent and they take their time with quality work being the priority. But we are just scratching the surface.

Cyphers are not just avatars. Every NFT is a visual wallet at the same time. You can store all of your NFTs on it and that’s why this is a complete metaverse avatar. It makes sense and it’s natural, right? You carry your NFTs in your pocket so why your avatar shouldn’t? With fashion projects ramping up imagine all the possibilities with your Cypher and NFT sneakers, clothes etc. And everything is really on you, it’s not some representation of your NFT. It’s the NFT, on chain, in your wallet, shown on it. The idea is one of those that makes you think ‘’why someone didn’t do this already’’. It’s the next logical step in NFT avatar evolution.

But we are just starting. These boiss will be customizable. So you will be able to change your clothes, shoes, masks in a number of ways. The team has been working on this for years and they are developing the most advanced customization tools in gaming overall.

AMA screenshot

That’s it, that’s your complete representation in the metaverse. Your wallet avatar which you can customize any way you want. Cyphers will have to do a fashion show before killing each other in the Mosh pit. What’s that? Well, the team is not giving too much info but it looks like an arena shooter game. If all of the things I mentioned above weren’t enough this has to be. But that’s not all, of course.

Website screenshot

Cyphers are going to be CROSS–GAME. That’s right. You will be able to go with your avatar wallet in other metaverses and games and that’s why this article is called The Only Avatar You Need. Everything regarding the Cypher collection is the next step in NFT avatars. Starting with the quality of the art and the customization tool with NFTs being a wallet at the same time to the fact they are cross-game. It is really all you want from your metaverse avatar and just imagine everyone hanging out as cats, apes, frogs and you busting in as a Cypher.

The team behind the project worked on games like Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter V, Injustice 2 etc. It‘s a professional gaming studio with real experience and talent. They proved themselves numerous times before and they have a solid long term plan for this project. They‘ve been working on it for a long time and their commitment and diligence is obvious. This is a team I can trust without any hesitation.

This is just a part of their work

The team expands to its mods and they are responsible for community building which is one of the if not the most important thing in an NFT project and Collider mods are doing a great job. Events are always rolling, something is always happening on the server and there‘s a contest for everyone. You can write, draw, dance, sing, you will get your chance for the whitelist. There‘s no grinding and a real community is forming there.




Young Filmmaker from a small Balkan country looking for his place in the Metaverse.

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Young Filmmaker from a small Balkan country looking for his place in the Metaverse.

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