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(Initially shared in @BaycTaiwan on Jan 16th, 2023)

(Last update: Feb 28th, 2023)

Been a bit crazy in IRL these days, but definitely want to talk about the project at my heart, SuperNormal (formerly known as Zipcy’s SuperNormal), especially given recent resurgence.

Disclaimer: I hold 150+ genesis nfts / zips, so it’s inevitable that this sharing may look like shilling, but my intention is to clarify current misunderstanding of the ecosystem for new joiners.

The article covers: Ecosystem Overview, Genesis DeepDive, Season 2 Sneak Peek, Why Bullish & Alpha

So let’s dive into this world of Beautility… where Art is Utility.

Ecosystem Overview

SuperNormal started with the genesis collection of 8888 “zips” with 1,000+ hand-drawn traits by renowned Korean artist Zipcy (IG 670K), called “Zipcy’s SuperNormal” back then, launched in January 2022, with very innovative reveal mechanism where a new NFT was released every 15 seconds like a “catwalk”.

Throughout 2022, the team has been building behind the scene and late in 2022 revealed the entire vision of the project, and renamed it as “SuperNormal” with the launch of 5 subdivisions.

SuperNormal NFT: This is the core of SuperNormal ecosystem, where Genesis and upcoming Season 2 sit in. (more details in next session). (Updates on Feb 8th, 2023) Riding on the OE meta, SuperNormal just launched “Legends of The Digital Age”, where first NFT “Midnight Moon Rabbit” was a public OE mint, and Genesis holders get to claim 1 free Milk And Class per Genesis NFT in wallet, which plays a critical role in the burning mechanism.

SuperNormal Atelier: The subdivision is meant to enable new joiners with their developer capability (like an agency), and to support new artists into web3 (like an incubator).

This is where Dream Girls sit in, a project by another renowend Korean artist Kyu Yong Eom (IG: 127K), powered by SuperNormal.

So, no, Dream Girls is NOT Season 2, it’s an incubation project, no linkage to the first subdivision, except that Genesis holders will have exclusive benefits (1 free claim + 1 FCFS WL).

SuperNormal Metaverse: Right after Genesis collection was sold out, the team bought lands from various popular platforms, and most recently released a small game on Worldwide Webb with Candy Hoodie character (the most popular trait in Genesis).

SuperNormal Couture: The phygital part of the ecosystem, nothing concrete released yet, but may be like a capsule that you may forge IRL high fashion items.

SuperNormal Editions: Traditional legacy business vertical that produces web2 products based on SuperNormal’s IP, like Webtoon, Webdrama, Webcomic etc. There isn’t released colab yet.

Genesis DeepDive

The SuperNormal team would like to emphasize, the Genesis Collection is always at the core and heart of everything we do at SuperNormal. Holding a Genesis NFT will always provide the most benefits for everything we do throughout the 5 verticals/subdivisions within SuperNormal.

The above is the promise from the team (added on website by listening to existing holders’ concern on Season 2’s dilution).

If you’re new to SuperNormal, here are some considerations when you pick up your next zips.

Buy the floor: The future benefits are for holders, so buying the floor will grant you that. As an entry, it’s not necessary and it’s most cost effective to buy the floor. Plus, floor zips are cool too (these are on the floor today 01/12/2023)

Collect beautility: When you start to browse through the entire collection, you will realize there are just some zips that you can’t take your eyes off. I call this “beautility”. Yes I know NFT investors will tell you don’t fall in love with the jpeg, but you will know what I mean when you see one. Here are some of my “won’t-let-go-for-life-time” zips.

Collect rarity: Like every other collections, there are traits that community collectively reach consensus on the value based on traits. Here are the traits you should look at if you’re a trait collector.

Gender: X and Y, while males are fewer in count, there is no consensus on which gender is more popular.

Hex: It’s like CloneX’s DNA or Azuki’s Type. The rarer the more valued. There are 8 Hex, but the first 4 Hex below do not have price differentiation.

And starting from 0x000000 (aka Droid), you will notice the listing price has significant differences. Typically we see Droid is 50%-100% higher than floor, while the remaining 3 Hex just have super low supply and listing.

Cover — Candy Hoodie/Exco/Mecha: There are many covers with less than 88 supply, but Candy Hoodie is undoubtedly the most popular among all, even more popular than Exo (58 supply). Listing of Candy Hoodie is extremely low and typically 4-5x floor price.

Top — Mech/Glow Girl: Again, there are many rare Tops, while Mech and Glow Girl are the ones I see most discussed when sniped.

Mouth Piece- Sucker/Black Chain/Pipe/Cigarette: Mouth Piece is the most wanted trait category no doubt. These can easily have supply shock, snipe whenever you see them listed around 50% higher than floor (typically they are listed at 2–5x floor.

Hair — Tamara/Jett/Cleo: If there is any hairstyle that has supply shock and most liked, Tamara/Jett/Cleo are no doubt the three, although sometimes you may see they’re on the floor. Other hair style really doesn’t have price difference.

Season 2 Sneak Peek

On 11/26/2022, Season 2 Han Yak was introduced, a multi-NFT collection that includes 3D Avatar, full body, and digital wearables.

As Season 2 will be an evolving ecosystem, I made this infographic to help understand easier. Firstly, Mystery Box will be the entry point of Season 2 (FP 0.04, free claim by Genesis holders completed). What’s inside Mystery Box is yet to disclose, while it is confirmed Season 2 will be 3D Avatar + Full Body + Wearables. And it is also confirmed Loot Box is the door to wearables, while it’s not yet revealed how to obtain Loot Box.

There are already revealed benefits for Genesis and Mystery Box holders to get Loot Box and Wearble drops.

More details and FAQ:

Why Bullish & Alpha

If you joined Genesis back in January 2022, you probably were deeply cut/hurt due to the hype and dump.

This is actually my first NFT bought, 5.17e blind box, but I keep accumulating and have 150+ zips as of today.

Here is why.

As of today, the art and details are still the top notch in NFT space. Zipcy herself is very well known with 670K IG followers, and easily gets 100K views of live drawing on Twitter.

Founders are full team SuperNormal, and most of the teams are too. CEO Andrew just announced he previously left Coinbase tech lead role for sometime already, fully dedicated into this brand.

During this past 1 year bear, the team has been very actively building, which can be easily seen on Twitter, including the very sick new website, Waterbomb with fashion brand Cider, Blue Wind airdrop, signed physical fans, physical outdoor marketing, and the above new ecosystem explained.

Derivatives are one of the metrics we look at for bluchip projects, and there are already many official and non-official derivatives featuring the Genesis collection, one of which I love the most is 8bit ZIPS, simply checking out the art and the fact only one listing (at 100e for respect) says everything.

Big ALPHA , in July-August last year, several hollywood-level trailers were released, suspiciously about some big colab with global IP holding company that founder Andrew has been briefly mentioned in some interviews. Suspect this may come up early this year.

Community is strong. On one hand, there are many strong holders not ever listing and supporting the floor. Listing % is always low at around 3–4%. On the other hand, and more importantly, there is this “Superfan” group who communicate with intimacy with holders and non-holders and actively promote them through Twitter and other social media. Being a super fan is not a goal in itself, they are people who voluntarily become fans because they love the works of ZIPS or Zipcy.

Recently team started to recruit more web3-native experts to the advisory board, such as Keungz and Shan, which drove the recent small ramp-up on floor.

More and more other project founders and whales keep coming in sweeping the floor to get into this ecosystem before it truly resurge. @ossow20 swept 65 zips, and @pudgypenguins, @rumjahn, @eddyiskongz, and many more all joined as holders recently.

Closing Thoughts

The recent resurgence is really just a fair reflection of what the team has been working behind the scene in 2022, and it’s really just the beginning of the entire ecosystem.

I constantly have conversations with the founder Andrew Choi, and can feel how seriously he is in terms of creating value to the Genesis holders and bring in new blood to the ecosystem by closing partnerships.

2023 started pretty well in web3 space in many fronts, while this is the one project in 2023 that we shall all not fade.

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