11 Reasons Software Engineering Will Never Die

Software developer here. Some thoughts:

All these things are true, but they all point to developers requiring more specialized skills. The barriers to entry on a “real programming job” (today’s standards) will be much higher.

Solving hard problems, developing the scope, and integrating systems all requires knowledge that few developers actually know well enough to build the systems AI couldn’t.

Even then beware that just cause programmers can do it better than AI, even magnitudes better, if AI can do it quickly and it works then it’ll do it. Unix is not the ideal. Maybe plan9 actually is the ideal, but no one uses it because, unfortunately, Unix is good enough. Linux is good enough. Good enough usually wins over the best solution possible.

So let’s not blind ourselves either. Yes there will be jobs, but with AI and better tooling much of the jobs will become less important than they were. The majority of the important tasks will be automated too. All that will be left are very hard to solve problems which means as we train developers today we need to plan for this future.

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