The Fledge DAO Aims to Eliminate Poverty Through Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurialism

The Fledge, Lansing, Michigan

The Fledge has created a Decentralized Autonomous Organization — The Fledge DAO. The purpose of this DAO is to continue our work towards the 17 Goals set forth by the United Nations. In the forefront, eliminating poverty through creativity, innovation and entrepreneurialism.

It is a crypto space (a platform utilizing block chain and smart contracts) that allows groups of people to organize, write proposals, vote on proposals, and automate funding to approved projects. All with the authentication guaranteed by the blockchain and the governance guaranteed by smart contracts.

To participate in the DAO proposals or voting, a member must possess at least one Fledge Coin (FLDG). FLDG can be earned, gifted, traded or purchased. The current utility of FLDG includes DAO participation (proposal creation and voting), purchasing Fledge Services (e.g. renting event/meeting space or studios in our physical building), and purchasing NFTs (see the FledgeFlies project below). Liquidity for FLDG and the DAO currently comes from NFT sales and FLDG purchases. FLDG can be traded right now on SushiSwap or QuickSwap directly for MATIC (Polygon).

DAO discussion takes place on our Discord and official proposals and voting happens on Snapshot.

We plan on building a great community, participating in the DAO by following the same principals as the physical location of The Fledge, which is located in a persistent poverty neighborhood in Lansing, MI. These principals include Radical Inclusion, Values Not Rules, Trust First, Sponsor Yourself, Every Damn Day, Project Based Everything, and Genius is lost in Poverty.

The DAO will work toward the same vision and mission of The Fledge, but the governance of the DAO will be direct action from the people in the community. As the DAO will be community-led and driven, it’s our hope that this will establish equity and justice within a “New Economy” ecosystem.

NFTs — Check out our latest NFT project, FledgeFlies. We’re using this project to raise funds for the DAO project pool and FLDG liquidity. The future of our NFTs will include unlockable content and utilities going beyond owning a digital image. These will include FLDG airdrops, memberships to other DAOs, early access to NFTs, tickets to shows, access to services, and more. — Learn more about the physical location of The Fledge in Lansing, MI. — More info regarding our tech projects and mission.

Discord — Join us on Discord to get involved in the conversation.

Twitter — The Fledge on Twitter.




Developer, Buidler, Blockchain, NFTs, etc., etc. Twitter @0xEureka

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Developer, Buidler, Blockchain, NFTs, etc., etc. Twitter @0xEureka

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