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Key takeaways

  • Hamster Labs announces its strategic investments into Feeder Finance both as a FEED token holder and a platform user
  • Hamster Labs will continue to research, test, and deploy its capital into Feeder Finance’s vaults and P2P lending market
  • Patrick of Feeder Finance is named as an external advisor to Hamster Labs

Hamster Labs is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Feeder Finance!

Feeder Finance is an all-in-one user-focused Web3 platform that offers the best aggregated Defi products and services on the market, including vaults, P2P lending, trading, insurance, and portfolio management. After months of due diligence, we have been impressed by

(1) the dev team’s vision and long-term commitment,

(2) the platform’s organic growth from a BSC-based yield optimizer to a multi-chain, all-in-one, Defi aggregator, and most importantly,

(3) the team’s execution and transparency in reaching their project goals.

As a strategic partner, Hamster Labs has invested in Feeder Finance by accumulating their governance token “FEED” in the open market to unlock the extensive user benefits offered by the platform. We will leverage Feeder’s technology, security, and ease of use to design and test various financial products and will begin to deploy our yield-seeking capital into select vaults. In addition, we have allocated assets and capital to our lending arm, Hamster Credit, to participate in the upcoming P2P lending market. With our open-end fund structure, Hamster Labs will continue fundraising efforts and appropriately increase our investments into Feeder’s platform, both as token-holder and user.

As part of our strategic partnership with Feeder Finance, Hamster Labs is pleased to name Patrick — co-founder of Feeder Finance — as an external advisor. Patrick’s second opinion and industry insights will further strengthen our thematic investments, and portfolio and risk management process.

We will release our Feeder Finance investment paper on Medium soon. Stay tuned!


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Medium: https://medium.com/@0xHamsterLabs

Disclaimer: Our Medium and Twitter are intended for general introduction and business updates for Hamster Labs. Any information on these online channels, including, but not limited to, pricing, valuation, data, opinions, and commentary are issued for informational purposes only and do not form the basis for making investment decisions. As the reader, you enter any transaction in reliance solely on your own judgement, and Hamster Labs is not responsible for any such transactions.



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