Introducing Hamster Labs — The next-gen yield hunter and wealth manager for the Web3 era

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Hello, Hamster lovers!

We’re pleased to present Hamster Labs — The next-gen yield hunter and Defi wealth manager. We research, test, and deploy capital into the fast-growing crypto market’s most exciting investment themes.

Why now?

We are living in the most exciting part of the 21st century, where the advent of digital economy and Web3 meets with trillions of $ in generational wealth transfer from the “punch-card” Gen to the tech-savvy millennials and GenZ. Now is the time to re-imagine finance and wealth preservation.

Who we are?

We are a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds in economics, investment banking, management consulting, and marketing.

Our first contact with Bitcoin was in 2013, but like many early enthusiasts, we were discouraged by our professors and peers. Our respected economics professor told us that Bitcoin was created by a private company and would soon be worthless. His thought process had been constrained by the economic theories of the 20th century. We later discovered that our professor had not read the Bitcoin whitepaper.

In 2017, we began to speculate in Ethereum, ICOs, and crypto mining. We had tremendous success and kept re-investing our profits up until the infamous crypto winter, where the world experienced a sharp downturn in the crypto market. Regardless, we committed to our investments which led to handsome rewards with the arrival of Defi summer, the rise of Layer1 blockchains, and the Metaverse trend of 2020–2021.

In 2021, our perseverance was again rewarded with crypto technology’s increasing adoption and acceptance around the world. We began to strategize and manage our growing capital pool more rigorously. As of this writing, and amidst much noise in the market, we firmly believe that 2022 will be the year of substantial growth for quality crypto projects that provide real utility to both existing and incoming users.

Hamster Labs was founded as an opportunity for us to leverage our professional skills, 5+ years crypto experience, and a network of capital contributors to deliver both financial and social returns to the team and our partners.

Our Philosophy

At Hamster Labs, we and our capital contributors firmly believe in the future of the crypto economy and Web3 reality. We’ve developed a rigorous, battle-tested investment process to ensure that our decisions are never affected by adverse marketing, price volatility or media hysteria. We look for projects that focus on creating real utility for users and pursue organic growth. With our active risk management process, we benchmark and track the fundamentals of our portfolio projects not their price charts. We don’t trade against our early-stage crypto projects because it creates unnecessary pressure and confusion for the project team and diverts their limited resources. Instead, we allocate capital in a diversified portfolio to manage exposure.

Our aim is to contribute to the healthy and transparent future of the Cryptoverse, empowering our partners to step off the hamster-wheel of speculation and onto the freeway of purpose driven investment and growth.

What we DO

✓ We research, test, and deploy capital into the fast-growing crypto market’s most exciting investment themes regardless of project size and maturity

✓ We deliver financial and social returns to our capital contributors by prioritizing the long-term success of our portfolio projects over short-term profits

✓ We provide direct support, when possible, for early-stage crypto projects including marketing, community building, and talent recruitment

What we DON’T

✘ We don’t provide financial and investment advice

✘ We don’t trade against or create hype for our projects

✘ We don’t tolerate FUD, slander, or fake news

Investment themes

✓ Layer 1 & 2 blockchains

✓ Blockchain’s supporting infrastructure: Data storage, Oracles, Bridges

✓ Multichain Defi DApps: decentralized exchange (“DEX”), lending, yield farming, Defi aggregators, insurance, capital market

✓ Decentralized autonomous organizations (“DAOs”)

✓ Gaming and metaverse

✓ NFT technology

As of now, Hamster Labs will focus on the first three themes: 1) L1 & L2 blockchains, 2) Supporting infrastructure; and 3) Multichain Defi DApps. We will announce our investments soon!


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Disclaimer: Our Medium and Twitter are intended for general introduction and business updates for Hamster Labs. Any information on these online channels, including, but not limited to, pricing, valuation, data, opinions, and commentary are issued for informational purposes only and do not form the basis for making investment decisions. As the reader, you enter any transaction in reliance solely on your own judgement, and Hamster Labs is not responsible for any such transactions.




The next-gen yield hunter and wealth manager for the Web3 era

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Hamster Labs

Hamster Labs

The next-gen yield hunter and wealth manager for the Web3 era

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