Web3 World Cup — Magic box for Contest forecast Winner

This time, the renowned French design icon Jacqueline Bourgeois accepted an invitation to serve as the WEB3 WORLD CUP’s NFT series’ design consultant. For this NFT, the renowned NFT developer team will undertake a number of expansions, eco-development, and market value management; the team will not reserve NFT.

NFT Contract(BSC):0x7fEe146A88885187b40eC228077BB62391A0aF33

The Magic Box NFTs will be supplied in three different series.

How to obtain the Magic Box

Become involved with the match predictions. There are three match predictions.
1. Group stage team predictions
2. Top 8 Teams Predictions
3. The championship predictions

Series I: Fantasy Sneakers

TOP 16 team forecast
Claim on galxe: https://galxe.com/Nawarat/campaign/GCt8oUwvkN
- 👉 Contest Forecast on 20th Nov
- 👉 Giveaway 100 Winner on 23th Nov
- KoLs giveaway 100 Winner on 17th Nov(Follow Nawarat Twitter)

Group stage team prediction: rewards for the group stage champions
A chance to obtain it from KOLs in advance

Series II

Top 8 Teams Predictions
- 👉 Contest Forecast on 4th Dec

Series III

The championship predictions
date: 16th December

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