Lightning Network on Litecoin

Lightning Network implementations are compatible with both Bitcoin and Litecoin. Litecoin adopted Segwit on 10 May 2017, before Bitcoin.

First Litecoin MainNet Payment

At 1 September 2017, First Litecoin MainNet Lightning Network payment channel was open between Charlie Lee and Jack Mallers.

Cross-chain atomic swap

At 16 November 2017, lightning labs announced Instant Cross-Chain Transactions On Lightning

In other words: Alice and Bob will be able to exchange BTC for LTC instantly, without requiring trusted third parties, using “atomic” transactions (i.e. either Bob gets his LTC and Alice gets her BTC, or nothing is transferred). The experiment in the post shows the first Lightning atomic swap in to receive 100 Satoshis in exchange for Litoshis.

Litecoin MainNet

Nowadays, I could easily find Lightning nodes on Bitcoin TestNet and MainNet to connect with. Software and tools (as wallet, explorer and so on) are available on Bitcoin. On Litecoin, I didn’t found a node list, so I adapted #recksplorer on Litecoin available at

Running Litecoin Lightning node

The three main Lightning implementations support Litecoin both on MainNet and TestNet. There are lots of guides to install and run Lightning software. In this article, I describe how to set a Lightning node to run on top of Litecoin.


CLightning, Lightning Network implementation in C, uses the standard Bitcoin core and Litecoin core, for Litecoin (

In May 2017, Christian Decker published a working example at .

Run on Litecoin TestNet:

$ litecoind --testnet
$ lightningd --network litecoin-testnet

Run on Litecoin MainNet:

$ litecoind
$ lightningd --network litecoin


Lnd, Lightning Network Daemon wrote in GoLang, uses the btcd and ltcd, for Litecoin ( Full documentation is available at If you want to run Zap over Litecoin check

Run on Litecoin TestNet:

$ ltcd —txindex —testnet —rpcuser=username —rpcpass=password
$ lnd --debuglevel=debug --bitcoin.rpcuser=losh11 --bitcoin.rpcpass=password --bitcoin.testnet --externalip=MY_IP

Run on Litecoin MainNet:

$ ltcd -txindex —rpcuser=username —rpcpass=password
$ lnd --debuglevel=debug --bitcoin.rpcuser=losh11 --bitcoin.rpcpass=password --externalip=MY_IP


Eclair, a scala implementation of the Lightning Network, uses the standard Bitcoin core and Litecoin core, for Litecoin ( In their post, it is also available the link of “Running eclair on Litecoin” tutorial.

In April 2017, Acinq published a working example at

Setting node on Litecoin TestNet: = "localhost"
eclair.bitcoind.port = 19444
eclair.bitcoind.rpcport = 19332
eclair.bitcoind.rpcuser = "foo"
eclair.bitcoind.rpcpassword = "bar"

Run on Litecoin Testnet:

$ litecoind -testnet
$ java -jar eclair-node-0.2-alpha10-0beca13.jar

Setting node on Litecoin MainNet: = "localhost"
eclair.bitcoind.port =
eclair.bitcoind.rpcport =
eclair.bitcoind.rpcuser = "foo"
eclair.bitcoind.rpcpassword = "bar"

Run on Litecoin MainNet:

$ litecoind
$ java -jar eclair-node-0.2-alpha10-0beca13.jar

You are welcome to set up your Lightning node and connect to Bitcoin/Litecoin networks.