Tunde Reid-Kapo, at Gen Con, demonstrating “Yamie Chess”

My name is Todd and Clare, and I’m from the UN

It turns out it’s ridiculously easy to join something called the “UN Global Compact”. You just create a business, prepare a “letter of commitment” to the Compact’s principles, and then upload that letter signed by the CEO to their website.

However, it doesn’t mean the Compact will let you stay friends with them forever. But maybe, it’ll be long enough to upload a letter pleading with the UN, suggesting that Julian Assange was grooming an eight year old for sex.

Todd and Clare

Wait, what?

Julian Assange claimed on October 18 that he was being set up by a dating agency, “Todd and Clare” to frame him as a “Pedophile and Russian spy”. He claimed an investigative report was made (unknown by whom) into the Todd and Clare dating site (hereafter T&C), suggesting that the site was a “highly suspicious and likely fabricated business entity”.

The investigative report claims a number of interesting facts that were reasonably easy to corroborate. The most important of these for us to consider is that the whois information for “toddandclare.com” refers to an address: 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr., Houston, Tex., and that a U. S. to international mail forwarding service is listed as sharing this address. Note that no suite numbers were listed in the whois report.

Todd and Clare make an interesting claim on their website that they make a concerted effort of highlighting: “This online dating site is a former United Nations Global Compact member.” Following up on this further describes a effusive statement about the UN Global Compact and how it relates to Todd and Clare the dating website.

Schiel and Denver

But let’s not just leave Mr. Assange’s unnamed investigators have all the fun, shall we? Let’s do a little bit of digging on our own.

First off, the T&C web site has a Google Analytics identifier: UA-70589801-1. If we search for this identifier, three results come up. One of these is for a website “schieldenver.com”.

Why is there a reference to “schieldenver.com”? If we check the site in the result, we see metadata about “Todd and Clare’s online dating” and the Analytics key mentioned above. Why is a website named “schieldenver.com” referring to “Todd and Clare”?

If we try and access that website, we get a “301 Moved Permanently” status code:

$ curl -I schieldenver.com         
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Cache-Control: max-age=900
Content-Length: 0
Content-Type: text/html
Location: https://www.google.com
Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.5
X-AspNet-Version: 4.0.30319
X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 03:54:00 GMT
Age: 1
Connection: keep-alive

Interesting. The Wayback Machine however comes to the rescue.

Schiel & Denver is an international book publishing services company dedicated to enabling independent writers to become published authors, with the support of a professional book publishing infrastructure.

So somehow, a vanity press outfit, “Schiel and Denver” (hereafter S&D) had perhaps accidentally associated themselves with Todd and Clare. At some point in the past, Schiel and Denver had shuttered, redirected their site at one point to toddandclare.com, but then redirected their site back to google.com.

The Schiel and Denver support page is illuminating

S&D Offices
Texas, United States
(Book Publishers Office)
Schiel & Denver Publishing
10685-B Hazelhurst Dr.
Suite #8575 
Houston, TX 77043
United States of America
London, England(Registered Office)
Schiel & Denver Book Group
PO BOX 6300
London W1A 2ES
United Kingdom”

So, we have another reference to the facility at 10685-B Hazelhurst. Interestingly enough, we also have a British P.O. box. We also have a suite number. Returning back to the About page, we find this paragraph.

With transatlantic publishing offices in Houston, Texas and England, Schiel & Denver is a member of The Association of American Publishers (AAP), the American Translators Association (ATA) and the United Nations Global Compact at the UN Headquarters in New York.

The reference on the S&D web page to the “United Nations Global Compact” is perhaps the final piece of information needed to solidify this connection. We can thus conclude that the operators of dating website Todd and Clare had operated the vanity mill Schiel and Denver.

To Britain

Treating the S&D outfit identically to the T&C outfit, we have a few more leads raised from the S&D web site, such as a British P.O. box, and a subsidiary web page with a U.K. domain name, “schieldenver.co.uk”

Whois does not yield too much, other than a name (which could be falsified, probably just like the eponymous Todd and Clare):

$ whois schieldenver.co.uk
Domain name:
alison peters
Registrant type:
UK Individual
Registrant’s address:
The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their
address omitted from the WHOIS service.

Furthermore, we have the S&D website proudly proclaiming “Our NATO cage code is U06J9 and our DUNS number is 211182988.”

I have not been able to find any interesting identifying information from the Dunn and Bradstreet DUNS number, but the NATO CAGE code yields results:


Searching for this address yields not an office building, but an ordinary looking house. Several other defunct businesses appear to be registered here. So what’s going on? A business registrar service operates here “Swift Formations”, assisting small businesses set up and get established; ostensibly, Schiel and Denver had utilized their services. The contact address quoted by Swift Formations,

B1 Business Centre
Suite 206
Davyfield Road 
Lancashire BB1 2QY

is a rented office space. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is situated adjacent to a self-storage facility. This perhaps does seem to be a legitimate business.

So, the trail runs cool somewhat.

The UN Global Compact

Recall how Todd and Clare made a big deal about the UN delisting them from the UN Global Compact, drawing Assange into their blog post. But what actually is the UN Global Compact?

The Compact is merely a registrar of businesses who have agreed to uphold a number of values and ideals. It appears to also be ridiculously easy for any business to join:

“Prepare a Letter of Commitment signed by the chief executive to the Secretary-General of the United Nations expressing commitment to (i) the UN Global Compact and its ten principles; (ii) take action in support of UN goals; and (iii) the annual submission of a Communication on Progress (COP). … Complete the Online Application Form and upload a digital copy of the Letter of Commitment signed by the chief executive.”

That’s it. While Todd and Clare were delisted from the Compact — presumably for uploading a PDF invoking potentially bogus police reports to the UN website and circulating it there — Schiel and Denver were not.

What did these letters of commitment look like? Ultimately, we’re less interested in the content of these letters — as they will likely be run-of-the-mill form letters fulfilling the above requirements — and more at the letterhead and names attached to these letters. Todd and Clare’s presumably is signed by “Todd Hammond”, and have the same Hazelhurst Dr. mailing address — but notably there is an actual suite number on the letter of commitment: 14354.

The Schiel and Denver letter has the P.O. box and Swift House address from above, but curiously, is signed by “Tunde Reid-Kapo”. We’ll get back to him later.

Given how trivially Todd and Clare had made it look like “UN members” were making such allegations, it seems like a prime mechanism for someone to: claim a prestige association with the UN where none really exist, and upload data to the UN to give specious claims more weight where none may exist.

Tunde Reid-Kapo and Yamie Chess

(updated 2016–10–20, below) For such an interesting name as “Tunde Reid-Kapo”, we might surmise that we could find some accurate information on him. We find that he has a particularly bizarre IMDB page as the writer, animator, and director for a “Yamie Chess Ltd” production. On Yamie Chess’s Copyrights and Trademarks page, we see a familiar address:

Attn: DMCA Copyright Agent
Yamie Chess Ltd.
10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # 14354
Houston, TX 77043
USA 77043

Remember, this is Todd and Clare’s listed suite number.

Reid-Kapo has been associated with three officially registered businesses in the UK. The first is “Schiel and Denver” (#06579238), with Tunde having “resigned” as director of S&D and a “Margo Reid” replacing Tunde as director and secretary. The second is the mysterious “Penrose Securities Ltd” (#06549035), also helmed by Margo and Tunde, and an address to “3/60a Marylebone Lane, London, W1U 2NZ”. Finally, we have “Yamie Chess Ltd” (#07335246), the director being “Margo Reid” again, with an address listed as “Tunde Reid-kapo, Apartment G, 95 Marylebone High Street, London, United Kingdom, W1U 4RQ”.

“Margo” Reid’s birthdate is listed as June 1943 in both the Schiel and Denver and Yamie Chess registrations, but surprisingly as June 1953 in the Penrose Securities Ltd registrations. Her occupation: retired. Tunde Reid-Kapo’s birthdate is listed as April 1984 in both registrations. This leaves Ms. Reid as 63 or 73 years old, and Mr. Reid-Kapo as 32. The age difference leads one to suggest that Ms. Reid is possibly Tunde’s mother.

Curiously, we seem to have Tunde’s full name listed in the filings for Yamie Chess Ltd: Akintunde Sahara Reid-Kapo. This does not appear to be a pseudonym, as there is evidence of Reid-Kapo’s birth in the UK. It is unknown whether “Margo” or “Margaret” is Ms. Reid’s name at birth; even if so, there were too many records available to pin down a June 1943 or 1953 birth without spending money to determine this further.

Looking past the various news stories, paid PR releases, and fictitious letters from Michelle Obama, another name repeatedly comes up: Jennifer Shahade, such as this Chessbase article listing Shahade as the “creator”, or a Gen Con listing Reid-Kapo hosting “Chess Champion Jennifer Shahade vs Youth”. The reference to Gen Con is especially interesting, given that Todd and Clare had made explicit reference to this convention: “We’re a real couple who started this in Indianapolis at a gaming convention called Gen Con.”

My Autistic Waterlily

(new 2016–10–20) Reid-Kapo has apparently utilized his own vanity press to publish a book of Margo’s, such as “Barbara’s Child”. However, he has also a few of his own books, available on Amazon.com, such as “Financial Existentialism”, described as “A personal declaration of independence […] which deliberately draws upon the United States Declaration of Independence and United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights…”, or the poetic work “My Autistic Waterlily: The Memoirs of an Object”, the description bookmarked by the usual bullshit surrounding Reid-Kapo’s ventures, like ‘“These sentences are like hits of some delicious drug…a brave, fascinating and beautifully written memoirs from a young author.” — Editorial Review’ (of which ‘editorial review’ this quote comes from is of course not stated), and “T. Reid-Kapo was the prize winner of the prestigious International League Against Epilepsy UK Chapter Council Gowers Medical Student Award 2006. He presented his neurological dissertation for the Gowers Prize Ceremony at the International League’s Annual Scientific Conference in Gateshead, Newcastle.”

But the blurb between is of special interest, which effusively describes the work thusly:

A young medical student, the victim of physical and sexual abuse, haunted by the childhood memory of a family boating disaster in Rhodes, forms a close friendship with a cello teacher. By the time the General Medical Council of England bring criminal assault charges against two doctors, such has been the unhindered velocity of discriminatory and malicious abuse, the short term outcome is a permanent divorce that embroils the refuge of a young American nurse, herself grieving in a prison of tears. In this brave and compelling autobiographical account; innocence, love and vengeance confront the harrowing reality of extreme violation and abuse, and on that journey, find the courage to triumph in the face of profound injustice.

Ostensibly this “autobiographical account” has been gilded somewhat — given Reid-Kapo’s displayed propensity to exaggerate, confect, and mislead — but throughout we can see some possible kernels of truth: that Reid-Kapo may have encountered a “young American nurse” (‘Clare’?), but also, that Reid-Kapo may have been the subject of “physical and sexual abuse”.

On October 17, 2016, “Todd and Clare” made a Facebook posting describing Assange’s supposed “abuse” of their “8 year old daughter”. In the post, “Todd and Clare” plead with Canadian prime minister Trudeau to act, and reference a vigilante site supposedly secretly run by the London Metropolitan Police called The Hunted Ones “which successfully exposes middle aged men predating underage children”.

Analysis and open questions

(new 2016–10–20) Perhaps we have enough now to piece together a narrative. Reid-Kapo, affected by possibly childhood physical and sexual abuse, felt anger at Assange’s escape of justice in the Ecuadorian embassy, and decided to concoct an elaborate scheme where he would either entrap Assange further through a recording, or an assurance that he could leave the embassy and have him physically available to Reid-Kapo and/or the UK police, just like the videos on “The Hunted One”.

None of this is substantiated by the facts available to us, however. We still don’t have a firm understanding of the motives of Reid-Kapo. We don’t have a firm idea who Reid-Kapo’s accomplice might be — other than to say that she is likely female — or her connexion to this greater narrative as a whole. We don’t know a whole lot about “Margo Reid” and whether this is in fact Reid-Kapo’s mother, engaged in business relationships with his schemes and ventures. We don’t know very much at all about “Penrose Securities Ltd”. We don’t know for certain if Shahade is “Clare”, but given her relationship with Yamie Chess and their both being present at Gen Con, it is possible that she may be the “American nurse” in Reid-Kapo’s autistic waterlily.

As always, I will update this document as we know more. For your reference, I have compiled a timeline of events based on documents found this bizarre case. Special thanks to @empiricalerror for the lead on Reid-Kapo’s books, and other information regarding this thoroughly bizarre case that was brought to my attention.

Postscript: a Premise connexion?

(new 2016–10–20) The Wikileaks investigation had originally identified a San Francisco address in one of the first Wayback snapshots of “toddandclare.com”, “645 7th St, San Francisco, CA 94103”. Some have connected this as the prior address of the “Premise Data Corporation”, and then made subsequent extrapolations to their staff and potential political links. Premise Data Corporation describes what they do as “index[ing] and analyz[ing] millions of observations captured daily by our global network of contributors”.

Snopes.com list a discussion with the Premise CEO claiming that they had “a previous office address (645 7th St.) Premise occupied through August 2015”. There are Wayback snapshots of the Premise website contact information, one taken May 2015, and another September 2015. Unfortunately, there are no snapshots of the Premise website’s contact information in between those two snapshots, however, the Premise’s main website style changed significantly between August 17 and September 8, which potentially leads credence to the fact that they had moved out after August. A start-up, claiming to be the current tenants of 645 7th, created a thread on Reddit’s Wikileaks subreddit stating “Our startup BlueCrew https://bluecrewjobs.com moved into the first floor of the San Francisco building in November 2015 after Premise out grew the space.”; some commenters had identified some fakery with the news articles cited, suggesting this was some sort of cover-up for Premise, pointing towards some photomanipulation of a stock photo in one of the articles listed. On the other hand, one may consider this as a side-effect of their nature as a start-up business.

Ultimately, it is still an open question as to whether Premise is involved at all in the Reid’s dating website venture at all, or whether they were in the wrong office at the wrong time. As an elliptical note: Yamie Chess had mentioned a diversification into “Data Analytics and Statistical Consulting”.

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