Don’t do these things when you get into the NFT business.

  • Do not receive unapproved projects. It can be deleted or stolen.
  • Do not buy without knowing what is bought and sold in each market. In some markets, purchases are fast according to the NFT type.
  • Get project based or known builder. Otherwise, as there is no future, sales will drop one day.
  • Get support from helpful sites and try to predict the future of NFTs.
  • There are many people in the market who think that they are giving suggestions. Do not rely on them.
  • Entering these businesses with high money can increase the risk.
  • Diving into too many projects makes tracking difficult.
  • Consider network charges. Because you can pay many times more money than you want to buy.
  • Ignore the messages that say you won out of nowhere. Do not click any button that you are not aware of.
  • Be active on social media and follow the producers.
  • Even if you try to enter all the whitelists, you do not have to buy them all.
  • Don’t forget to check their social media activities.
  • Get involved in their social media. Consider the terms.
  • Check the market even if you bought it cheaply, even if it’s whitelisted. Projects that don’t hold up can lose price in an instant. If you don’t have long-term prospects, it’s good to dispose of it early.
  • Not all Airdops will work. See what you will gain.
  • Ignore airdrops from unknown place.
  • Watch the most suitable moment for the mint process. Unless you want to be crushed in gas wars.
  • What you produce stays in the market. You may encounter problems when listing in other markets.
  • You have to do it one by one and this can be time consuming for high numbered collections.
  • Instead of adding and pricing, choose to upload them all first and then price them.
  • Fill the descriptions properly and appropriately. Price according to which network you are in. According to your own product, make your network preference accordingly.
  • Find out what is sold in which market.
  • Create a purpose for yourself.
  • It may be useful to show yourself on the most used social media.
  • Set your NFTs to be in ipfs. In this way, you can gain the trust of the other person.
  • Network preference is also important here.
  • Having basic software knowledge speeds it up.
  • You can organize airdrops, but you should not miss this.
  • Consider the system of give, give, take, give, give.
  • Explain exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it in a way that people can understand.
  • Make good use of your social media.
  • Use test servers before publishing.
  • I opened social media from scratch, it was difficult to accumulate users.
  • I encountered a lot of opensea and metamask errors during installation and during the sale.
  • I chose to do it on the wrong network.
  • I could not set the price correctly.
  • My collection count is insufficient and its content is not clear.
  • Mint completely made by myself.
  • Promotion was insufficient. I understood the importance of community.
  • It was necessary to establish an exact purpose and to explain it to people. I couldn’t reach many people.
  • I could change my network preference.
  • I decided late to sell in more than one grocery store.
  • I did not create my website.
  • I delayed clarifying my roadmap.
  • I should have interacted more with those who support my projects.
  • I took care of most of the things myself.
  • The number of collections and the number of people reached were insufficient.
  • Getting more people interested in NFT, Metaverse blockchains in my language.
  • Making improvements at a level that anyone who does not do projects can understand and do, and open them to everyone’s access.
  • To bring all my experiences to everyone.
  • To transfer knowledge and experiences to projects that are waiting for support.
  • Carrying these aids to individuals who own my NFTs.
  • To ensure the continuation of my own projects in each progress.
  • Continuing to develop projects in many networks.
  • MarketPlaces: Opensea, Rarible, NFTrade, TofuNFT, Refinable



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I have come to pass on what I have learned so far and at the same time continue as a blockchain developer.