Disintermediating Network Effects for Fun and Profit

Silicon Valley sets its sights on Web3; “The Revolution Will Be Privatized”
  1. The legal system and tax code favor people who can afford it. Laws are regularly created for the highest bidder. Gerrymandering is the norm.
  2. Sinclair Broadcast Group owns most local American TV stations and push Black Mirror-Esque propaganda.
  3. Richard Nixon, The Man Who Sold The World, hijacked the money supply in 1971 when it stopped being backed by gold (free-market money). WTF Happened In 1971? shows the split we’re all feeling today.
  4. Homeowners regularly capture an area, like NIMBY (Not in my back yard) vs. YIMBY (Yes in my back yard) in San Francisco. If homeowners don’t capture an area, homeowner associations do — often hijacked by an intolerant minority.
  5. Peer Review has been captured. Stephen Wolfram is working on a physics project he’s taking directly to the people. “I don’t really believe in anonymous peer review. I think it’s corrupt… I think it’s sort of inevitable that happens with these very large systems.”
A typical 80/20 long-tail distribution. Interestingly, the Internet flipped the typical distribution — magazines, newspapers, and radio cared about hits, but the Internet made it possible to care about niches.
From “How Inception Fixes the Infura Problem” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJGuxcEvats
From How Inception Fixes the Infura Problem
NSFW: language
  1. Saito solved The Tragedy of the Commons with a Circular Ledger and Automatic Transaction Rebroadcasting (ATB), allowing data to be pruned and long-term on-chain data storage to be subject to market forces.
  2. Saito solved The Free Rider problem with Routing Work, finding a way to fold “paying people for valuable work” into the openness, security, and consensus of the network.
A typical Prisoners’ dilemma “payoff matrix” — a way to analyze rewards in different situations



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