bypass user-restriction registration

peace upon you guys..

today i will came across another interesting bug that i found in the same last target u can reach it from here block user from resetting his password

so let’s begin, while moving around and investigating site features i found a function that allowd you to add multiple users to the same account so i added some users and left the site..

add users

after some weeks i found that my free trial has ended, i got to a subscription page and it was we can say like that:

subscription page

primary email = 1500$

every additional user = 600$

so if you have added another 2 users for your account, total subscription price will be 1500+ 2(600) = 2700$

there also some (+) and (-) buttons to add more users but (-) one was disabled untill you have pressed (+) one

meaning if u have added 2 users the (-) will be disabled else u decided to add more user (-) will be enabled again untill u reach your 2 users again

so what i did was that i opened subscription page, (-) was disabled now i have inspected element and found disable attribute in the (-) button input

so i just removed it and hit the (-) button and removed the 2 added users

and when pushing subscription button i only was asked to pay for my pimary user 1500$

steps to reproduce:

1- enter your account and add another 2 users

2- in the payment page, hit F12 on keyboard and remove the “disabled” attribute from (-) button

3- remove additional users and hit subscripe

And bingooo !! you have bypassed additional users taxes

thank you for reading ! hope you enjoyed it…

you can find me on twitter @0xMohamed_Ayad

also linkedin @0xmh3yad

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