Everyone’s thinking it

Ok, so here’s the deal. Life can suck at times. Ever heard the phrase “the wheel of life never stops turning, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down”? Well if you’ve been feeling the same way as me for the past few months, then you would agree that the up-down ratio is massively dis-proportioned, leaning more toward the down side.Certainly there are ways to counter this. You could for one, turn your head around and start appreciating things that you have in life, do some charity work, maybe even start a new hobby. Unfortunately, depression is like a hole that sucks you in, once you’re in, you fall and the feeling amplifies making it harder to come out off. What do we do then? Easy, we escape.

Our minds are extraordinary tools, really it is. If you train yourself hard enough, you can induce any kinds of emotions you crave for that reality can’t seem to give you. We strive for instant gratification, even with our emotions, so for example, without the work of actually meeting someone and forming a lasting relationship based on trust and love, we imagine it in our heads. Or, relate to a character, fall in love with the relationship they have with another character, and feed of their love like a leach. Great way to escape. Yeah, we’re that lazy. Look around you every morning, on the bus or in the train, we see people glued to their phones, blocked out from the outside world with headphones on. We all want to be somewhere else, we all want to feel something. Not too far off from the world of the matrix except we gladly accept it. Fortunately for us, today’s technology has made so easy for us. With the internet literally on the tip of our fingers, we can feel anything we want to feel at any moment.

The trade off? Well you’re not really living in reality, you’re constantly in a daze, high on induced emotions. Sometimes those emotions are so great that what you get in reality can’t possibly match up to what you’ve been high on in your head. Then one day when you do decide to live in reality again, you forgot how.

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