Net Neutrality is not a free-market principle. For now, it is our best option.
Tommy Mac An Riogh

Corporations filtered out video footage of what happened on 2001–09–11, so that most of the nation thinks only 2 Buildings fell in New York City. But it was WTC 7,1,2 that fell.

Search Youtube:

“Ae911Truth Stand for the Truth”

If we could not trust them with revealing we were going to war, to kill all Hebrew-Jew DNA, and that would declare Ashkenazi Yiddish-Jews the new 1st Dibs DNA race of the United States = RM-8391 and RM-8392, instead of indigenous american dna in hopes or recognition of Symbiotic/Biome/Habitat/Ecological HostDNA complementary PlantDNA Agreements?

We can not trust Corporations. They already filter and insert too many non-NEWS stories relating to them doing stock manipulation. ~ the internet must offer an impartial page rank approach, without corporation server speeds, being part of answering question marks.

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