DNA research 1200’s AD = HomEOpathy food or herb tests, Right up there with Psychopathy. Centuries before 1637 Jevv Hunt of Van Gogh and other Agrarian DNA.

DNA research (known to me, by carbon dated text, an encoded herb books) starts in 1200’s AD = HomEOpathy food or herb tests. Right up there with Psychopathy, before 1637 Jevv. Killing those who lack tolerance for rotted meat.

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WHAM, is a radio station. W&K not A: W*ashing’Ton is East Coast, K*il’O is West Coast. ~ Is this true in Canada Also? ~~ HAM _ Around W? True Story, using rotted meat of ‘parts per million unknown’ in drinks = as caramel coloring, to identify who was of what DNA Background able to digest spoiled meats, that lived by Hunt Hunt all animal life extinct, instead of Agrarian Farm DNA. Agrarian Race Bible = law eat meat within 3 days. North had permafrost methods, eventual discover salts & FishSauce?