Agrarian Economics work better. = Growth According to Food & Resources.

Capitalism=Capitol-Line-Wolf-Hill=No Future, “pump & dump economics”.

To the FBI, our dollar is based on nothing more than the US Treasurer’s Signature, as a FalseFront for e’con’o’mic Confidence-Bubble/Balloon-Artist Investor Fraud using the US Treasury to “Pump and Dump USA” since before 1977 1st Government Shutdown. The 1980’s Stock Market was from my point of view the foreign invest glut from business seeds planted in China/Asia in the 1960’s.

The basic model is the early “Land Speculator’s Business Model”, the focus is the exact same, and that focus is ‘how to grow the number of out of town investors’, except this “Global-Cide Scheme” is ‘how to grow the number of not a USA citizen, buying US Dollars’, as to convince them to join into what is essentially an Empty US Treasury Account = (No Commodity/No Real Asset/No Real Estate/Lip Service Only claims ?GDP? yet the Monitory Exchange Rate did not list “National Debt” as part of the international Valuation=Exchange.) “Ponzi Scheme” fraudulent investment scheme trading a nations positive worth, for the debt of “once an ‘I owe iew’ a commodity system”. People always notice the “national debt” must be calculated as part of the exchange rate valuation, because you are exchanging each nations ‘equitable inherent balance’, for the USA national debt and plant and animal diversity extinctions for transplanted grass species = sod, the participants in this 1977 “Buy or Don’t Buy, i don’t really care” = Boiler Room (2000 motion picture) have created an escape hatch that abandons any notion of saving the USA Dollar or US Treasury in favour of trading or exchanging USD for an artificial equivalence and a new monitory unit = #BitCoin. Which really needs to adjust the coin ownership number of shares, according to the national debt at the time of buying in.

An Agrarian System is needed. We also need #2is2 population management, until a DNA census of this nation has 120 years of generations on record, as to predict and improve the breeding/marriage odds of birthing a species that can survive without eating each other when #PlantFats = Petrol in Aquifer layers runs out, and Coal and Nuclear Waste tend to reveal ‘vaporized dirt bucket math = Earth Wealth’ AND ‘Ecological Terrorist Child Deformity and Species Extinction’ where ever “nuclear waste= depleted ores fissioned material (such as: uranium)” comes into existence.