10kHearts Gets Big Support

5 min readFeb 10, 2022

Saif Ishoof, Lucy Guo, Michelle Abbs, Gianni D’Alerta, Jared Geller, Alexander Taub, Joe Teplow, Amanda Archer, Logan Larkin, Anna DeGuzman and more

Our female-led team makes history minting the world’s first collection of text message NFTs. Over 5 drops we will be minting 10,000 unique Pieces that capture the spirit of communication in the modern digital world.
Our goals are simple: educate, empower, and build a community around real human experiences — that’s why some call it the “gateway NFT.”

As we dive deeper into the Metaverse and the anonymity within it, we are choosing to preserve the vulnerability of the human spirit through our community and NFTs. Our NFTs aren’t just text messages they are snapshots of real human experiences often holding a lot of meaning, memories, and emotions.

From artists to founders, 10k Hearts has some big support. Here are some of the highlights of the week.

Senior Advisor of Innovation and Technology to Mayor of Miami & Founder of Lab22c

Saif Ishoof is the Founding Head of the VentureMiami initiative which focuses on Miami’s efforts to become the global leading hub for innovation, technology, and opportunity. The well known member of JPEG Morgan endorsed the project on Twitter.

Scale AI Founder and JPEG Morgan Member

Lucy Guo is the co-founder of Scale AI, a company currently worth $7.3 Billion dollars. The company helps its customers accelerate AI development by democratizing access to intelligent data (companies using Scale include Lyft, Cruise, and nuTonomy). 10k Hearts got her stamp of approval through an Instagram Story on Wednesday.

Founder @web3equity

Michelle Abbs, one of Forbes Top 16 Most Influential Women in NFTs, is the managing director of Mana Tech, a tech and innovation ecosystem being developed in downtown Miami. Michelle Abbs showed her support and promoted the project earlier this week on Twitter.

Founder of Miami NFT Week and NAKA- NFT Non Fungible, BlockChain & Marketing Consulting

Gianni D’Alerta is no stranger to the NFT space, having founded Miami’s largest NFT event and releasing several large name projects including NFTCuba.ART Project. The project seeks to bring awareness of the global Cuban artist community, specifically those creating Non-Fungible Crypto art. As an early supporter of Ethereum, D’Alerta worked alongside Ethereum’s founder Anthony Di Iorio at Decentral/Jaxx. He showed his excitement for the project on Twitter earlier this week and is a current member of the 10k Hearts Love Club.

Producer of Major Motion Pictures, Multiple Emmy Award Winner, Tony Award Winner, and HITRECORD President & Co-Founder

The major producer and executive Jared Geller has been an ally since the early concept and ideation stages of the project. Geller and fellow co-founder Joseph-Gordon Levitt founded the online collaborative media platform HITRECORD in 2004 which lets anyone work together on creative projects. He recently took to Twitter to show his support.

Founder of Illuminati NFT, JPEG Morgan community, Upstream, and SocialRank (Acquired by Trufan)

The Co-Founder and CEO of Upstream, a new social professional network, Alexander Taub is no stranger to early-stage companies. Prior to Upstream, Taub founded and lead SocialRank which was later acquired by Trufan as well as being the Lead Business Development and Partnerships for Aviary which was later sold to Adobe. Taub has been advising the members of the project and snagged a Piece early during pre-sale.

Founder of Good Today and Rebel

Forbes 30 under 30 member, Joe Teplow- founder of Good Today and Rebel (which was later sold to Salesforce)- has also been in close contact with the project. Good Today’s mission of building a community of givers is something the 10kHearts Community feels very strongly about as reflected in our Community vision. We could see a potential partnership in the coming months…

Prominent PR and Marketing Mogul

Amanda Archer has organized a litany of widely covered interviews, media events, and promotional appearances for the some of the most talked-about celebrities and brands in the world today. Ms. Archer has organized public events and appearances for celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Carmen Electra, Prince William, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, and Hugh Sheridan.

Infamous Illusionist and TikTok MegaStar

Anna DeGuzman usually astonishes her close to 1 million followers across platforms with her magic tricks, but this week she revealed the hottest NFT on the blockchain on Instagram.

Web3 Artist

Logan Larkin an NFT native artist known for his popular collection, “#Thieves” showed his support on Twitter earlier this week.

Our first drop will have a public sale on February 12th beginning at 3:00 PM EST.
Public sale price: 0.1 ETH

If you don’t know how to buy an NFT don’t worry! We are posting educational materials here, on our Tiktok, in our Discord and on Twitter!

Join our community: https://linktr.ee/10kheartsnft