3 Dinner Ideas for YOU — HEALTHY and FIT.

Eaten DAILY by Dietician, Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

Before you begin your weekend and get ready for fun times with friends, family and yourself — think about all the delicious meals you can have that make you healthy, fit and happy.

Find below 3 simple options that you can cook at home, with your friends and family, or order versions of them in a restaurant (You can always ask to customize the menu and prepare your food the way you like it).

These dinners are amazingly delicious, filling and simple!

You can eat them daily and get healthier and fitter.

AND no calorie counting required. Just eat mindfully, slowly, stop when you are full — and load up on veggies (UNLIMITED!).

What are so special about these dinners?

Notice the trend — less carbs, more healthy fats and definitely lots of veggies! — That’s what all recent studies, health professionals and health enthusiasts, healthy-fit people seem to discover and practice — the power of healthy fats, vegetables and fewer carbs. AND DEFINITELY no sugar!

Get on the trend and share!

And most importantly get fit and healthy! One dinner, one choice at a time!


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