Be ready for the worst.

And keep the duct tape handy.

“Most problems are like that. When we prepare for them and get used to them, they’re not problems anymore. They’re merely the way it is

~ Seth Godin, “It’s not a problem if you prepare for it”

It’s about the best life advice you can get out there.

Tim Ferriss calls it “practical pessimism”.

For me it sums up like this:

“Be ready for the worst. The rest is a fucking bonus.”

I didn’t realize how indeed useful, practical, effective and stress-relieving that advice was till today.

No better teacher than personal life experience.

Sometimes I wish I could keep my mouth shut more often and keep duct tape handy…

…instead of expressing my “so obviously important” opinion every time I’m asked.

For the last few days been enjoying myself in Mexico, beautiful coast of Troncones. Amazing sunrises and sunsets. Serene perfect beach with just a few people (that makes it especially attractive). Peace and quiet. Nice, friendly, smiling, cheerful people.

What a perfect place to celebrate New Year!

Or so I thought.

I came to Troncones to do a bit of work for yoga retreat and, mostly, to enjoy some peace and quiet, to take a pause, before starting another adventure-filled exciting unpredictable new year. Everything was going great. I was teaching yoga, helping people to figure out what healthy diet was. Fasting, practicing yoga by myself a few hours a day, walking on the beach a lot, watching sunrises and sunsets, taking lots of pictures. Was getting into amazing shape physically and mentally, ready to meet new year with renewed body, clear head and clear vision for the next year of my life. That and, as always, sharing my opinions freely with people around me, opinions and thoughts about the world, future, technology, happiness, healthy living, meaning and purpose of life. Very often I completely forget how different my thinking is from mainstream. Very often I forget, that not everyone will like me, after they find out I don’t think like they do, don’t share their believes.

I speak my mind freely. I never claim I know better, or know THE truth, or that there can only be one truth, but I always have some “interesting” things on my mind, quite often unique and not-mainstream ideas, ideas that challenge people’s believes and paradigms.

I spoke my mind to my temporal boss. Freely as always. He did not share my opinion, as I realized, when got kicked out of the resort the next day. 4 days prior to my planned leave for Peru, Lima.

I can’t say I didn’t secretly wanted it.

Yes, inconvenient.

Yes, not according to initial plan. But it what I truly wanted. Deep in my heart.

Being around people who don’t accept you as you are and get pissed when you say what you think is not exactly ideal environment to greet New Amazing Year.

I got kicked out.

My mind resisted of course. I got frustrated (for the short 30 minutes or so when I panicked). I started feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Upset. Being unfairly treated. Pissed. Angry.

Before I realized that the end result is actually what I wanted to happen. Maybe not the way it did though. Life has its ways. That’s why it is a good idea to be careful about what we wish for. It just might happen. Fast and not the way we imagined.


The only reason I felt stressed at first — I wasn’t prepared. It wasn’t my plan. It wasn’t anywhere in my thoughts. I didn’t have a plan for that new scenario life provided.

So I got stressed.

If I thought about it. Planned it as possible outcome. Had a plan B. I would never get stressed or upset! I would just move on.

When I’m prepared for the stressful, often unexpected situation, some kind of a problem that can arise, I don’t feel stressed. It’s easier to see a positive spin. Easier not to judge people and see yourself in their shoes. Easier to feel grateful for the situation, that at the end brought me exactly what I needed (even though not always pleasant). Easier to laugh about it and keep on having the time of my life. Easier to be incredibly happy about the things that don’t turn out to be a disaster or a problem.

December 30th. New Year is almost here.

On the way to the airport.

Off to Lima, Peru.

I have no idea where or with who I’ll be celebrating 2016 but somehow I’m sure it’ll be fun. It feels right. Like everything fell into place in a weird, unexpected and yes, a bit stressful way.

Life always has something amazing planned for me. Always.


New Year Wish:

Get ready for the worst!

Everything else will feel like a fucking bonus!

That and

Keep the duct tape handy.

Life is so much more fun this way!

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