Better Food — Better Health — Better Life.

Why quality matters.

I’ve written a lot about the basics of healthy eating.

Healthy food is really simple.

DES — Don’t Eat Shit.

Meaning — don’t put in your body all the stuff, that is NOT food, and was made/designed in a factory by scientists and marketers — those are products to play with, NOT food to live on.

Food to eat is made by nature.

The champions are Vegetables, but not white ones, except for cauliflower and mushrooms (Meaning ditch your potatoes).

Fatty Fish — the fresher the better. BEST FISH HERE.

Nuts and Seeds — raw, nothing added, soaked are best.

Low Sugar Fruits (NOT bananas and grapes). Berries are best.

Fermented dairy, full fat dairy products, if it goes well with your stomach.

Good quality poultry and meats (NO antibiotics and growth hormones etc).


That is pretty much it. That’s your food. The rest is not important, not needed and most of the time harmful.

NO sugar. NO grains. — Noticed? Those are the things you should eliminate today for the fastest way to your health, through-the-roof energy and 6-pack abs.

No calorie counting or portion control is required, when you stick to this food list religiously.

And then lots of water. Lots and lots of it. And NO liquid sugar calories. Yes, no juice — eat your fruits and vegetables.

This will cover your basics and more. You are good to live an amazing life full of vitality.

You’ll be better off than 90 percent of the people.

What do I mean by better?

Fitter, stronger, smarter, younger, sexier, more successful.

You can’t even imagine how much the quality of your whole life will improve once your food habits are superb. Until you give it a try.

Try it and see.

If you want to make the journey towards your health and fitness, and smartness, and life success faster, easier, if you want to join elite life performers, meaning doing your best with the resources you have effortlessly and clear-headedly, enjoying your life and being well feeling amazing, then there are a few things you can add ON TOP of the basics to help you.

These are the few things I’ve been using on a regular basis for the past couple of years — and I’ve never felt or looked better, performed better, and it’s never been easier.

Coconut Oil. Usually consumed with black coffee (Why do that). — Better mental/physical performance, better fat burning, more energy, faster metabolism.

Some kind of Green supplement — I am a huge believer in the power of greens in our diet, greens and chlorophyll for health and life performance — the best source of vitamins and minerals for the body. The best way to get your greens in is the whole foods diet, but eating greens, enough of them might be time-consuming and for me personally, it’s too much food, and you got to find the best quality to get all the vitamins and minerals, so to be on the safe side and save time and energy I like to supplement with the best green food supplement I can find. SUPPLEMENT — NOT REPLACE! The one in the picture is by Garden of Life, made from sprouted greens and some superfoods, fruits and veggies of the best quality, all raw, all organic, powdered, low carb, no sugar and the taste is absolutely amazing (especially when blended with some coconut or hemp or macadamia milk). Makes you feel and look superhuman! Love it!

Fish Oil — that’s your brain on steroids. There have been lots of studies about the positive effects of fish oil for our brain health and performance, to treat and prevent brain/memory related disorders. Almost everyone these days tries to get more fish oil in their diet to improve mental and physical performance and reduce inflammation (Inflammation, reducing it, is very important for mental/physical health and performance, and for weight loss). Are you on it?!

Some of you might think about all the money that you’ll have to spend on supplements and good quality food. Money can be an issue. We might need to save at different periods of our life, prioritize our spending. I get that.

But is your performance, mental and physical, an area where you should be saving?

I personally don’t think so.

Most of us have more than enough money to spend on good quality foods and supplements, when we eliminate all the junk food spending (stop eating that ice-cream every now and then, candies, cookies, pizzas, colas etc), spending on alcohol and other habits that compromise our health and well-being. Just try it! You don’t need to increase your budget — you need to decrease your junk spending— your body and brain will be so grateful and the quality of your life will sky-rocket.

Plus after some time your body will need much less food, because in good quality foods and supplements the macro/micro nutrients content is much higher per unit, so we don’t need as much as a result.

The nutrient content of our foods might be increased many many folds, when we start choosing the best quality and the freshest produce.

The same with supplements — the better the quality, the better the results and the less of it we need, even though the price might be higher the returns will worth it.

I wrote this blog today not so much to make you go and buy all the supplements, but to make you aware of the choices you have every day to succeed and perform at the elite level. Don’t you want to be an elite performer? Don’t you want to feel good? And in today’s world the choices are so plentiful and easy to make — make the right ones, the ones that improve your life, NOT make you miserable.

And invest in quality in life.

Better Food — Better Health — Better Life.

Choose quality over quantity. That’s the food lesson of today.

Want superhero body and life performance? Easier and faster?

Choose quality. Invest in yourself. The returns are limitless and fast.

Daily Health Today.

Daily Choice to Healthy You.

Choose the Best Quality Foods

Better Food — Better Health — Better Life