Blinders ON. Follow the carrot.

Food shopping and Restaurant eating guide included.

The only way to make sure you reach your goal — keep working on it, even when it seems you make no progress.

Put blinders on and keep working on it.

Be a dummy — see what you want to see, the carrot you want to get, ignore the rest, and keep working on it. I never saw the approach failing. I, on the other hand, failed it many times.

What’s important to you now? Your new body and vibrant health? Or enjoying every food you see?

Make sure you know your priorities. Put the blinders on. See ONLY your goal.

Food shopping.

BEFORE going food shopping, make a list of the foods you will buy, when you are at the store, that goes along with your goals.

Take the list with you.

No decisions. No thoughts.

Get what you need, as fast as you can, and get out of the store.

No thinking at the store. No decision making.

Practice in your head the scenario you want to play.

“When I’m at the store I buy …” (imagine all the healthy things you buy every day now)

At the restaurant.

BEFORE going to the restaurant decide what you will and will not eat.

Feeling like fish? Meat? Soup? Are you even hungry? Is today a good day for dessert?

I know it’s always a good day for dessert, but be honest with yourself, did you deserve it?, is it really a good idea right now?, do you really need it that badly?

You will make better decisions at home, than in front of the menu or your dinner-mate enjoying his/hers so deliciously.


BEFORE going to the restaurant, drink 0.5 L of water. Eat a handful-two of unsalted nuts chewing well. You will MUCH more likely stick with your food plan, not feeling too hungry, when you get to the restaurant.

At the restaurant?

Practice in your head saying NO to bread basket and all the “bonuses” offered at the meal.

Eat your salad or warm light soup first.


Order whatever you felt like eating before going to the restaurant.

It’s a restaurant. I get it. It might not be the healthiest place to eat, but do your best. The simpler the food — the better.


Enjoy your food!

Eat slowly. Chew your food.

Dessert? If you really want to have one — share it.


Or eat a plate of fruit.

Losing weight? Getting leaner? Fitter? Measuring results daily?

Know, that progress is NOT a straight line!

One day, even though you followed the plan to the letter doing your best, you might feel heavier, you might not look as good, you might retain water — who knows what else.

Especially girls. The cycle can mess with our physique a lot — the stomach can look bigger, we retain more water, we crave more fat and everything we are not supposed to crave, and on top of that we are especially “sensitive”. The world seems to have more “good” people during these days, doesn’t it?

My advice?

Eat dark chocolate, avocados, a bit more nuts, lots of veggies, drink lots of water, go and do the training, move more. Stick with your healthy routine and in a few days all the weight will come off, you’ll feel and look like a queen of the day crashing the workouts and healthy eating plans…, if you stick to health instead of sticking your rear end to the sofa complaining about, well, everything, and eating all the crap your mind can think of. Believe me, there is a better way.

The progress is never a straight line.

Put your binders on.

Keep going.

You’ll crash any obstacle and will get there, feeling like you’ve just climbed the Everest, enjoying new breathtaking vistas of your new life all around.

I don’t know why I look pissed :) Had a great workout actually all by myself 5 am on Saturday morning :)

Maybe needed some

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


And here is an extra Bite of Health.

Wisdom from amazing Seth Godin.