Burning off cookies on a treadmill is a stupid idea.

Scientific real life data from Tanzania.

Thinking about eating that cookie and burning it off with a workout later?!

Think again!

If you are trying to lose weight by burning more calories exercising, without changing the quality of your food…

If you believe, that just by exercising a lot you can afford a bad diet, and it won’t show up on your health lab tests, and will not affect your waist line…

If you believe people need to move only to burn calories and to not get fat, and there is no other reasons why exercise is good for you…

Think again!

Recent scientific data gathered by measuring calories (using specific methods of measuring exact amount of calories an individual burns), calories burned daily by Hadza, a hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania, and burned daily by an average American, female and male, data shows, that no matter how active you think you are, your body pretty much burns the same amount of calories every day. It doesn’t matter, if you are a hunter-gatherer in Tanzania, or a nine-to-five office worker in the middle of Manhattan. That means, that obesity epidemic and society fattening does not happen because we move much less in the western world, but because we simply over-consuming the wrong foods, and our body stores it as fat, because it has no use of twice as amount of energy, very often without or with very little nutrition.

We get fat because we consume too much of the wrong stuff, not because we move too little.

It might seem like an obvious thing, but what it means also, is that unless you are some elite athlete, your body needs certain amount of energy and nutrients and no more. No matter how many crunches you do in the gym or how many miles you walk on a treadmill. Very often we underestimate our nutrient requirements (vitamins and minerals), consuming too little, and overestimate our energy needs, consuming too much energy in the least desirable form our body can’t use (processed foods rich in processed carbohydrates, vegetable oils, and other undesirable and harmful ingredients).

Yes, if you are an elite athlete, your body might require more food, but only if you continue training, and only of a good quality. As soon as you stop training — you need to eat just like an average human being.

Our metabolism doesn’t get faster or slower. It has its base line. And unless forced by extreme conditions to temporarily change — we’ll burn the same amount of calories species wide (Meaning as long as you are human).

Apes for example, burn less, and that’s why (one of the theories) they can’t afford the brain as sophisticated as hours. And they can’t get smarter.

Most important things I want you to take away from all of this data, that can be confusing.

Treadmill and doing exercise, that doesn’t challenge you in any way, will produce 0 results, no matter how long you do it.

Exercise will not burn off a bad diet. You’ll get fat, even if you eat all your junk walking on a treadmill.

Your base metabolism does NOT slow down or increases, no matter what kind of diet you are on (unless you decided to starve yourself to death), or what kind of exercise you do (unless you decide to become an elite athlete).

What to do?!

Stick to a good quality diet.

Eat enough to function well.

Focus on quality, not quantity, because our body needs vitamins, minerals, good quality fats and proteins to perform well. Cookies just don’t cut it for our body, and no matter what they try to fortify fake foods with — it’s not the masterpiece whole natural foods are.

Whole foods, local, seasonal, organic — that’s the road to health, longevity and elite fitness.

The closer — the better results.

Dieting all the time to lose weight? Get leaner?

Think again!

The more you diet, the better your body gets at storing fat, NOT burning it.


Because you are sending signals to your body, that some kind of disaster is happening, the food supply is not adequate, we’d better get good at storing energy in the form of fat, just in case, because at the end of the day, the purpose of our biological machine, the body, is survival at all costs, not a 6-pack.

All the bonuses — abundant energy, creativity, beauty, longevity, healthy offsprings — come from abundant good quality nutrition and active lifestyle, not starving yourself or living on pizzas wearing off treadmills.

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