Collecting the Beauty. Feeding the Soul.

Those were the only words on my mind, when I started my daily writing.

Sometimes I know exactly, what I want to write about. Or I might have a subject, a theme I need to write about, because of my blog, or because of something I got to write for someone else. And I work around that subject or idea.

But sometimes life, Muse, inspiration — whatever you wanna call it — gives me one breadcrumb, one clue, one sentence, one lead, one word, and then it says, “I wanna play, I want you to sit down and write, figure out what it is all about today.”

Writing is like inventing, or traveling adventures. It can be very experimental, accidental and it is certainly a journey, not a destination.

Sometimes we follow a plan and sometimes a plan writes itself as we go, giving us one small clue or suggestion at a time.

Just like life, I guess.

It’s always our choice to ignore the breadcrumbs, the leads, or to follow them.

Because even whatever it is that gives us those clues might not know where it all ends.

So expect nothing. There are no true guarantees. Many false ones. Not a single true one.

It became the part of my routine.

Walking with the very first lights of the day. Taking pictures. Collecting the beauty, as I call it now. And yes, feeding the soul. Because even though the soul is not proven by science to exist, and we might not think we have one, when you neglect it, your life falls apart.

There is something in the beauty. Something beyond visible. Something that can’t be comprehended or defined, or understood fully. Something, one might say magical.

We are never able to fully grasp what beauty is, and why something moves us and strikes us with awe, and why something else does not.

Beauty is not about perfection.

Beauty is not about measurements, proportions, numbers — even though probably every philosopher and scientist tried to explain the phenomenon of beauty in numbers, ideas, words, theories.

Beauty escapes any definition as soon as we create one.

Our human ego is growing exponentially these days. It got to keep up, doesn’t it?

Some say we outperformed the evolution, natural selection, we are smarter than nature now and we don’t need it anymore.

We, human beings, can drive life itself. We are the creators after all, aren’t we?

Technology amplifies that God-like image we start to create for ourselves. We really start believing we are so powerful. So smart. So evolved.

And yet it always strikes me, how we have absolutely no clue how the life began, why it happened, how, why this way and not the other, why things and life happen the way they do, or even why our body works the way it does and what is the main principle behind our own “functions”.

We still have no clue.

And yet especially with all the genome sequence technology, we are trying to play gods having no idea what it even means, why genes, DNA are the way they are, why they work and how exactly. What’s really driving this exact evolution? We grasped a tiny little bit and we are trying to change evolution, millions of years of Universal experiment with tiny bit of knowledge we have!

Our mind will never catch up with nature. With this Super Organism that the Universe is. — It has years and years of advantage over us and it was not procrastinating during those years.

Our mind is the very product of Universal evolution and it can’t go beyond it, just because it’s in the evolution process still. Inside of it.

As soon as we think we know something — there is already something new created we are not consciously aware of. Life, evolution, natural/bio progress has not stopped and to my belief will never stop.

Technology and whatever our minds create — they are just catching up. Nature has created mind-blowing things far beyond our comprehension, and all we do is, yes, outstanding and mind-blowing, but still it’s just our attempt to imitate what’s already greater than anything we can imagine.

No doubt humans have an enormous potential that is built in. We ARE co-creators.

But our potential — we still know very little about it.

Even with all the amazing technological progress in recent years we’ve made, we are such immature creatures when it comes to using our built-in abilities.

The truth is — we still have very little idea, who we truly are, and what we are capable of — and what’s even more fascinating — the evolution has not stopped, our potential is keep increasing, growing, expanding.

I don’t believe our rational mind will ever be able to catch up with the pace of change.

Meditation, proven by science to have extraordinary, not entirely comprehended or explained effects on human mind, is still understood very little.

And it’s been around for thousands of years!!!

Thousands — and we still have no clue how it works!

Get perspective people!

We drive the evolution now?!

Have you looked around recently?

Take a flower.

Is there a scientist, who can explain to me down to the bone how the flower got to be so perfectly aligned with the laws or physics and geometry, proportion and symmetry and why and how the color is distributed so evenly so beautifully, and why this flower chose to be pink? Or red? Why? Why did it come into existence in that particular tiny spot on the ground at that precise moment? Why was it born? How? Why is it going to die in a very particular number of days?

Who and how writes the laws of creation?


It might be JUST evolution, even though it is a process that is highly complex, but how did it start? How does it run now? What direction? Why is it so random and yet so perfectly designed?

There are so many questions I can ask about a single leaf. A bee. A speckle of sand.

And nobody on the entire planet will be able to answer them.

We drive evolution? We outgrew evolution?

We have no idea what evolution is or why it happens.

We have no idea what life is or how it works.

We look at some process, we kind of get the idea how it works — even though the full scale of anything on this planet is far beyond what we figured out, we experiment and we think we know it all.

It still blows my mind how some people get so far into their world and so dis-attached with reality that they get those thoughts. Even highly qualified people with lots of credentials.

Go for a walk.

Look around you.

There is NOTHING you, me, or anyone else, fully understands.

So how the F*** did we outgrow evolution? Or creation? Or life itself?




There is a book being written in an unspoken language.

Colors. Sounds. Music. Sights. Art. Smells. Feelings. Emotions. Movements. Dance. Vibrations. Energy. Symmetry, Light…


We still have lots of reading to do.

I’m not even sure we know how to read yet.

What do you think?

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