Do YOU choose your cake? Or YOUR CAKE chooses you? Attention! You might have been hacked!

Can’t lose weight? Depressed? Wondering if there is anything wrong with you?

You can’t stick to a diet plan?

Can’t start exercising regularly because you honestly feel exhausted and tired all the time?

Always feeling weak and depressed? Thinking you are weird? Or a failure? Or not good enough for any dreams you have for your life? And all that just because you can’t stop putting those damn Oreos in your mouth?

Wondering why is it, that you end up doing the wrong thing all the time? Making the wrong decision? Self-sabotaging yourself?

Have you ever thought that it might not be all your fault? That somebody is constantly tempering your hardware and software? Your body and mind? Your physiology and psychology?

I’m not trying to say, you don’t have any control over your actions and there is someone with an evil plan trying to sabotage you personally. I do believe everyone has a choice, a power to control their actions and ultimately the direction of life.

I’m saying, that your thoughts and impulses, the way you physically and emotionally feel might have been manipulated for a purpose.


Have you ever wondered, why it is so hard to resist those sugary snacks once you start eating them? Why is it so damn hard not to finish the whole bag of candy once you put one piece into your mouth? Not to finish the whole cake? Whole bag of potato chips? Whole bucket of ice-cream? Much harder than not to finish the whole bag of apples after you just ate one.

Have you ever thought, that it’s NOT your innate love for a particular treat or food (Think you are a chocoholic? Think again), but a chemical reaction that happens in your body, when you consume certain food, that is what makes you reach for more…and more… and more. Have you ever really thought about what makes those treats practically irresistible?

Have you ever thought, that your obsession with sugary stuff is not entirely your lack of will-power, but an actual physical addiction, much like nicotine or drug addiction? (The studies show that sugar is even more addictive than most drugs). You are not actually imagining feeling physically sick or depressed, when you deny yourself sugar in any form, for example, deciding one more time to try eating healthier. It IS actually happening: your body craves sugar because it is addicted to happy chemicals and emotions that are produced when you consume sugar.

What if food producers actually design foods to make them addictive? Not to sabotage you or make you sick, but just to sell you more stuff, to get more profits? What if most of the things in our world are designed not so much for your pleasure or any benefit, but to make you addicted, make you buy more? What if that chocolate bar and ice-cream you love so much, you love because your body on a molecular level addicted to it? And there is a right message that makes it even more attractive to your brain? What if the combination of packaging colors, marketing message, places of distribution (Have you ever wondered why the worst things for health you tend to choose seem to be everywhere you look and healthy options are so damn hard to find?) etc. are designed so that you are drawn to the products? Not because you need those products, not because they are good for you, but because someone needs to sell more stuff and it’s easier to sell stuff to someone who is addicted to the product?

Why do you think drugs is one of the biggest if not the biggest “industries” in the world? Because they are so good for people? Not really… After a while most drugs don’t even bring the pleasure anymore, it’s just people get addicted, and life without them seems to be unbearable — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Most products are NOT designed and sold because they are good for you.

Products, food included, is designed to cause addiction to drive sales and profits.

Food is not made to nourish us anymore. It’s designed to sell more, to make us addicted and give us the most possible pleasure, when we consume it, disregarding long-term negative consequences, not even warning us about those.

Marketing is very powerful.

There is a lot of research going into the products we consume — food, clothing, gadgets, experiences…

It got to a point where most of us don’t know why we buy and consume stuff anymore. We just do. We are drawn to products. And sometimes what we are drawn to is good for us…but most often not. Marketers know better, what buttons to push to make us buy stuff and how to push them. Better we do.

And as a result we tend to think that we make all the wrong choices, choices that don’t serve us because something is innately wrong with us.

What if it is not the case?

What if we all are being manipulated into thinking about something in a certain way, into wanting something? What if it’s not our choice anymore, because we do not have all the information and directed to the purchase with the false messages to make our decisions?

I meet lots of people due to my profession, who think they are addicted to some food, that there is something wrong with them, they are unlucky to be born this way, and that’s why they can’t lose weight…

In 99,9…% cases they just don’t understand how their bodies are manipulated on a cellular level, and how that triggers chain reaction of certain emotions (“I got to have this piece of cake right now”, “I feel shitty, my life sucks, I need to eat this because it makes me feel better”), triggers release of certain neurotransmitters (happy feelings managers) and hormones that cause certain thoughts, emotions, physical sensations of discomfort, and eventually that leads to certain undesirable (with negative results) actions, that eventually fuck up our life in a certain area.

Believe it or not, what you think or feel at the moment might not be your thoughts or feelings at all, but your body’s reaction to a certain chemical compound, that comes from your environment: food, image, piece of the news, sound, question etc.

So yes, you ARE in charge of your decisions, decisions that affect your life, decisions that make you happy or depressed, but you might not know, what affects those decisions in a big way, how and why.

I do too want to eat the whole cake or full bucket of ice-cream, when I start it…But I know why it happens (No it’s not hunger and my body does NOT need more ice-cream or cake), and how it happens, and that’s why I know how to stop the undesirable behavior.

There is a lot being said right now in the media about our emotional addictions to food and that we might need to fix our unaddressed emotional and psychological wounds to stop overeating, for example, but you might also think about the addictive (on a physical and emotional level) nature of many food items in the first place. YOU, might be actually OK, but your body and brain might be addicted to certain foods (Sugar is the most addictive) and that might be the main reason you end up overeating and making the wrong choices.

Try quitting all the sugar for 10 days, and you’ll see all the colors of negative emotions you didn’t know you had. And all that would be just a natural withdrawal symptoms of quitting sugar. Not your negative thinking or lack of emotional connections to other human beings.

Homework for today?

Ask yourself, think.

“Might my choices, food choices in particular, be the result of a physical/mental addiction? The addiction manufactured by top chemists, biologists, neuroscientists and marketers? Maybe it’s time to set yourself free and start making YOUR OWN choices?

What about other areas of your life?

Are YOU making the choices?

Are you allowing someone else to do the choice making for you, manipulating your body and mind?

Do YOU choose your cake? Or YOUR CAKE chooses you?

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