Fitness model body making.

Mozart wasn’t born THE Mozart.

There is this beautiful woman, fitness model, I’m interview on Friday for my upcoming podcast MAKING THE DREAM.

Jennifer Nicole Lee.

She appeared on many covers of fitness magazines. One of them you might have picked up, thinking,

“She got it all. Amazing physique, beautiful skin and hair, beautiful smile. She probably have zero cellulite and zero imperfections. Of course she is successful and has it all in life! No wonder! How can I even think about EVER getting close to that?! No way. Some people are just given a better hand in life”

That’s where Jennifer started…

What are you thinking now?

Would you believe a tiny bit, if THAT young woman shared with you her wild dream to become a full time successful fitness model, sitting on a bench in women’s locker room one day after a workout?

Would you believe she had a chance?

Would you believe she had it in her?

Would you believe she’d make it happen?

Most of us wouldn’t.

We, human beings, are not good at thinking in terms of applied-to-possible-potential-and-vision committed work.

We are not good at believing in possibility, where there is only untouchable vision now.

We are not good at building different futures, futures much different from the past and now.

We are good at looking back connecting the dots at the end.

The dots that once were a vision, a crazy idea in some average head.

Of course you believe Mozart was special…

Even though

“Leopold and Anna Maria, his wife, stressed the importance of music to their children. Together with his sister, Nannerl, Wolfgang received such intensive musical training that by the age of six he was a budding composer and an accomplished keyboard performer.” ~ Encyclopedia of World Biography

By the age of 6 music was Amadeus language. His thoughts. Instead of words there was music.

The picture at the top of the post?

Me at my personal worst. I could be worse now. I made different choices.

Would you think, I’d look like I do now, if you met be then?

Pick up an acorn next time you see one on the ground.

Every acorn has a potential to grow into a beautiful oak tree.

Uniquely beautiful oak tree.

Will it?

Yes, nature, the environment matter a lot! — It won’t grow in Antarctica.

But nurture can make miracles happen. — What if we take that pure-potential acorn and put it in the most fertile soil of a beautiful forest reserve?

Your dream is your potential.

Nurture it.

Even environment can be changed. You are not a plant. You can move. Go. Make things happen.

What about fitness model body making?

Nobody is born perfect. What you are given at birth is yet-to-be-defined and sculpted genetic mess. A puzzle of nature to-be-assembled into a masterpiece.

You can make your waist thin.

You can make your legs strong and beautiful.

You can make you butt firm and round.

You can build beautiful shoulders.

You can design and sculpt with weight training hourglass or upside-down triangle gorgeous physique.

Your only limit?

Your vision and ability to sign the commitment with work.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


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